Fastest teeth Whitener

August 10, 2017
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There are a wide variety of reasons that teeth may darken or change color. The natural aging process may cause teeth to darken gradually. In many cases, teeth can get stained from regular coffee, wine, soda, or tea drinking. Smokers often experience a yellowing of the teeth due to nicotine exposure. Some medications like tetracycline may cause the teeth to darken, as well.

How Does the Take-Home Teeth Whitening Process Work?

During the initial appointment, the dentist will make impressions of the patient's mouth. These impressions can then be used to create custom fitted trays that will contain the whitening solution. Once the trays are fabricated, the second appointment will take place. During this appointment, the dentist will check the fit of the trays to make sure they fit snugly. The dentist will provide the patient with the whitening solution during this appointment, and will explain the proper routine for its use. Typically, the trays are filled with solution and worn twice a day for half an hour at a time. In some patients, the trays will instead be worn overnight for about two weeks straight. The teeth whitening process can be customized for each patient so that they can receive the whiter and brighter teeth they want.

How Does Sinsational Smile Whitening Work?

The Sinsational Smile whitening system is the fastest teeth whitening option available today. This whitening system takes just 20 minutes at the dentist's office. Patients will wear a comfortable silicone tray that contains whitening gel. An LED light is used to activate the whitening power of the gel, which is why patients can achieve a whiter smile in only a 20-minute session. After the treatment, patients are given a "smile extender" gel pen that they can use to brush on the gel at home to extend the white smile for as long as possible.

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