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December 4, 2019
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plu white 5 minute premier speed whitening gelTeeth whitening have become a vital part in the day to day life of the busy metropolitan people who barely find time to spare for visiting their dentists for hourly sessions. The best part about these kits that can be used at home is that they are easily accessible for all kinds of people and they provide the users with the flexibility of timing as well as the advantage of low price. You can use it at the comfort of your own abode and whenever you feel it is getting necessary to give your teeth a session of whitening, be it before a party or on a random weekend. While the dentists charge a fair fortune for this task, it can be done using these cleaning kits at home at a very less cost.

Teeth whitening gel does not do any wonders, as many people might expect it to do but it does make the enamel of one’s teeth get back its sheen and whitens the teeth by up to three levels on an average. It has also proven to be very helpful in getting people rid of the stains that get accumulated after regular consumption of tobacco, cigarettes, red wine and other soda drinks that harm the teeth. Even the stains of tea and coffee that become persistent due to daily consumption can be removed by using these whitening gels.

The most important aspect of using these gels and solutions is that they should be applied as per the guidelines provided by the makers and rather than using them on a regular basis, make it a point to keep the usage as less as possible since the peroxide does no good to the teeth. Also there are some pros, cons and terms for the usage of whitening gels which have been explained below. They should be kept in mind while using.

Plus White 5 Minute Premier Speed Whitening Gel

The blue white premier gel is easily one of the fastest working whitening gels you will come across. It speeds up the cleaning of your teeth greatly by taking just five minutes to give you whiter, cleaner and brighter smile. Unlike the usual gels that give your teeth a crazy bluish tinge of whiteness, this one gives you a clear white smile in a fraction of time. If you are on an urgent schedule and need to give your teeth a final touch of whiteness to add a charm to your smile, you just need to apply this gel and leave it on your teeth for about five minutes. The advantage of so less waiting time is also that it lets you finish off with the whitening process without causing any irritation or sensitivity, which is prone to happen when you leave these gels for a longer time.

The peroxide content is not very high and therefore there is not much to worry about. If applied properly throughout the surface area of your teeth, it can give a long lasting and durable whiteness to your teeth. If you have been using it for a while, you can also leave it for longer time of about fifteen to twenty minutes for even better results. The results are visible from the very first time you apply it and you don’t need to wait until three or four applications. You can either use a swab to apply it or even your tooth brush since it is more like a teeth cleaning gel.

generic teeth bleaching whitening gelHowever, with people who have sensitivity problems, it is advisable to keep it for as less time as possible or even better, consult their dentists before applying it. Also, it is advised to follow the directions given on the pamphlet and not use it for more than fourteen consecutive days repeatedly or else the enamel might start to get used to harsh chemicals used in these whitening gels. It gives a satisfactory result and is free of any mess during application.

White 360 Professional Teeth Whitening Gel

Unlike the usual tube shaped packaging for the gel teeth whiteners, this one comes in a much more comfortable and easy to use packaging of syringes. This White 360 is indeed made by using all the professional methods of teeth whitening that are usually used by the dentists for a price ten times higher than what you pay for this whitening gel kit. It comes in a set of three syringes, each contains the gel. It is to be used long with a tray for best results since it is not very solid in nature.

Once applied, it needs to be left for about then minutes, the timer for which is already set on the tray and after ten minutes; the light that comes with a kit automatically turns of to let you know that it’s time for you to remove the applied gel.

Once applied, the bleaching agents in this gel work upon your teeth and give you a dazzling white smile within a matter of minutes. Not just that, the gel has a formula that even works wonders on the most stubborn stains of wine and coffee (or other beverages) that leave stains for years before they are finally cleaned off your teeth. It removes those stains as well and gives you a brand new shiny pair of teeth that can be now kept clean and be taken care of from a new level.

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