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August 21, 2018
Top Ten Teeth Whitening

Okay, I'm absolutely gob-smacked at how brilliant this product is.

First of all, I was beyond petrified to spend such a costly amount of a teeth whitening product when I can pay, just under double on Groupon to have my teeth laser-whitened, but I had the money so I thought why not?

For £25 you get two syringes full of the glossy gel, and a sample sized toothpaste tube of Oral B (which i'd say is the best toothpaste ever) and two teeth moulds.

The tubes: average size syringes filled to the top with the product. Quite nice considering a lot of companies cheat you out on your money and are very stingey with how much of a teeth-whitning product they give you; but overall, I'm pleased. They also came with a nice safety plug in them which is nice when you're not using it. I like that they included these because I was a bit apprehensive to getting this, purely for that reason.

The moulds: although they were very easy to use, the quality of them I'm not entrely impressed. They come across quite cheap to me. And although I've moulded them and the top feels like a secure fit- the bottom, not so much. If I was to be extremely bothered by it, i'd have run off to my local Sports Direct and grabbed a mouldable mouth guard- because these are exactly what they are, except, just a much thinner and cheaper feeling version.

The process: the most easiest thing ever.

Simply put as much of the product as you want on the moulds. I'm not going to lie, I felt being stingy with the glossy glue is acceptable as I didn't really want to waste the product. However, the result is the same as if I were to squeeze an entire tube into the mould.
Waiting time for me felt impossible. It was difficult for me not to speak and really relax for just under an hour, but it's so worth it.

Source: www.amazon.co.uk
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