Quick teeth whitening home remedies

March 22, 2018
Home Remedy for Super Fast

There are requirement of home remedies for quick teeth whitening. How to keep your pearly white sparkling? These days general awareness on dental care among the youngster is increased a lot. People are using each and every possible way to lighten up their room with their smile.

LED teeth are sweeping Japan. If you want to change the color of your teeth you can do so with the help of remote control.

Well there is no need of going for those expensive, artificial and out of budget products as our ancestors have already left many trustworthy remedies to sparkle our teeth. You can keep your teeth white, bacteria free and free of plaque by those most valued but freely available teeth whitening remedies.

Recently there was news that too much use of medicinal drug resulted in apparent loss of all the teeth.
Excessive beverages, coffee, tea and tobacco make your teeth pale. Start brushing properly.

Simple household products work wonders. Whisk two tablespoons of baking soda with the same amount of hydrogen peroxide to form a consistency as of toothpaste. Brush with this home made toothpaste. Keep this paste for at least two minutes on teeth.

Hydrogen peroxide can also be used for gargle but do not try to swallow it. This solution can cause little irritation for sometimes but it will never harm your teeth.

Swallowing of Hydrogen peroxide can cause several health hazards. If you have any sore inside your mouth like ulcers then avoid using Hydrogen Peroxide. This paste gives amazing results.

Some of the other simple but effective home remedies for quick teeth whitening natural treatment

• A waste can also do wonders if used with proper wisdom. Scrubbing with wood ash can efficiently bleach your teeth.

• You can also brush your teeth with a natural brush that is Strawberry. It works great on teeth and hence works as a valuable natural cure for quick teeth whitening.

• You can also brighten your teeth by brushing them with sage leaves.

• Rubbing your teeth with the inner portion of the rind of orange can also solve the problems of discoloration.

• One of the best home made teeth whitener is the mixture of dry basil leaves and rind of orange. One can use this as a tooth cleaner. This orange and basil therapy cleans teeth without damaging the enamel.

• Dip a white cloth in virgin olive oil and scrub your teeth with this cloth for incredible results.

• Whisk a pinch of common baking soda and lemon juice. Use this mixture to massage your teeth. This natural remedy can easily remove the stain.

• You can also use strawberry seeds as teeth cleaner but make sure immediately brush your teeth after cleaning them.

• Whisk normal table salt, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to form a consistent paste. Brush regularly with this paste and see the amazing results which follow.

Source: www.speedyremedies.com
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