True White advanced Plus System Teeth Whitening Kit

December 5, 2018

TrueWhite Whitening Kit Buying GuideFor those who want a whiter smile but do not want to spend the time and money at the dentist, there is another way. There are many at-home whitening treatments out there that consumers can try. The TrueWhite Whitening System whitening kit is an at-home kit that is available to purchase for the buyers use. Before purchasing the TrueWhite Whitening System, it is important to know how to use the whitening kit as well as how to purchase the kits. All the whitening kits out there are different and knowing how they each work helps the consumer get the most out of the kits and whitening experience.

Teeth Whitening Methods

There are many different types of teeth whitening kits available of consumer use, some available over the counter for consumer use. There are still in-office treatments that consumers can utilize rather than the do-it-yourself treatments. The consumer can understand the different kits and ways out there and how they work.

Whitening Methods


Polishing or chemical agents

Removes surface stains

About one shade

Peroxide based

Applied twice a day for 14 days

Results last for about four months

Whitening rinses

Contains hydrogen peroxide

About 12 weeks to see results

Twice a day swishing for 60 seconds

Freshen breath, reduce plaque, and slow gum disease

Tray-based teeth whiteners

Purchase over the counter or from a dentist

Mouth guard tray filled with gel (peroxide bleaching agent)

Wear tray for a certain amount of time (depending on discoloration), up to four days a week

In-office whitening

Quickest teeth whitening method

Whitening product is applied to teeth directly

Used with heat, light, or laser

30-60 minute treatment

Results seen after one treatment

Most expensive

The options for teeth whitening range both in price and how long it takes to achieve the desired teeth-whitening goal. The less-expensive methods will not likely achieve the level of whiteness the consumer desires, but the cost of the more expensive methods is a factor as well.

What Comes in TrueWhite Whitening System Kits

The TrueWhite Whitening System whitening kits have three different levels. There is the Advanced Plus, Advanced Plus 2 (for two people), and On The Go System. There are multiple items that are in each of the kits for the consumer or consumers.

Advanced Plus

The TrueWhite Whitening System Advanced Plus whitening kit consists of instructions for the buyer to understand how to use the product. There are also two 10 ML syringes, one set of mouth trays, and a Blue LED accelerator light..

Advanced Plus 2

Like the Advanced Plus kit, the TrueWhite Whitening System Advanced Plus 2 whitening kit is for two people. It also has instructions for proper use of the kit, two sets of mouth trays, two 10 ML syringes, and a blue LED accelerator light.

On the Go System

The On The Go System is similar to the Advanced Plus 2, but also includes a maintenance pen for quick use.

How to Use TrueWhite Whitening Kits

There are several steps to the TrueWhite Whitening System whitening kits the consumer needs to follow for proper use of the product. After reading and understand what to do, the consumer can proceed to whiten their teeth and brighten their smile. The process is pain and sensitivity free and takes about 30 minutes. The formula is enamel safe and of the same dental grade used by dentists. There are about 20-25 treatments for the consumer or consumers in each of the TrueWhite Whitening System whitening kits.

Molding Your Mouth Trays

A proper fit is necessary for the mouth trays that come with the TrueWhite Whitening System whitening kits for them to work properly:

1. Fill a pot with at least 4 inches of water able to cover the entire tray. Bring the pot of water to a boil.

2. Once water is boiling, remove the pot from the heat. When the boiling completely stops, place the tray in the water for six seconds to warm the tray fully. Make sure not to submerge the tab, keeping all fingers out of the water.

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