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October 24, 2020

COSMETIC TEETH WHITENING GIVES NEW LIFE TO A STAINED, DULL SMILE… Over time teeth discolor from frequent use of cola drinks, food, medicine, wine, and coffee—to name a few.
Tooth bleaching makes a smile sparkle Daily activities such as eating, talking, laughing, and smiling constantly showcase your teeth. Your smile communicates a lot about you to others, and a clean white smile can increase your confidence, catch attention, and improve the impression you make on the people around you.

Over-the-Counter vs. Professional Tooth Whitening

The media is flooded with over-the-counter teeth bleaching remedies. Unfortunately, many of these systems are ineffective and can actually damage your teeth if applied incorrectly. Professional tooth whitening from a qualified general or cosmetic dentist is always more safe, effective, and long lasting. When choosing a professional teeth whitening system, you will want to keep the following criteria in mind:

• Ensures safety for teeth and protection from any damage
• Is long lasting
• Requires only periodic maintenance to maintain whiteness
• Has low sensitivity for teeth
• Performed by a dental professional
• Proven to effectively whiten several shades
• Leaves you with a sparkling new smile

In-Office vs. Take-Home Professional Tooth Whitening

Many cosmetic dentists offer both take-home and professional teeth bleaching options. Both systems have proven to be effective.

In-office cosmetic teeth whitening yields immediate results—often several shades lighter in under an hour. In-office tooth bleaching gel usually contains higher concentrations of peroxide, which works faster to break down stains. You can also feel safer with in-office tooth whitening since your dentist monitors the entire process.

Although professional-grade kits used to do teeth whitening at home usually take longer than in-office teeth bleaching procedures, they can produce similar results. At-home tooth whitening gel contains lower concentrations of peroxide, requiring exposure to the teeth over a longer period of time. Many people prefer professional take-home whitening kits verses in-office tooth whitening because of the lower price while still enjoying the long-lasting effects.

Teeth Bleaching Systems

While there are several successful cosmetic teeth whitening systems, the following are a few of the most frequently used teeth bleaching options:

Zoom! In-Office Teeth Whitening

As a popular tooth whitening technique used on ABC’s Extreme Makeover, Zoom Whitening restores stained tooth enamel and dentin back to a beautiful white shade. Many dentists and patients prefer Zoom Whitening because it can brighten your teeth up to 8 shades in under an hour. After carefully covering your mouth and lips so only your teeth are exposed, the cosmetic dentist will apply a tooth whitening gel to your teeth. A bright Zoom! light then activates the gel in three 15-minute segments. The light breaks down the hydrogen peroxide in the gel, allowing oxygen to penetrate through the tooth surface and to bleach any stains or discoloration. Daily oral hygiene habits and occasional touch-ups with take-home teeth bleaching products will keep your smile looking bright and beautiful.

Day White and Nite White (Night White) Teeth Whitening

Day White and Nite White treatments are popular systems for teeth whitening at home that have been proven safe and effective for thousands of smiles. For both systems, an advanced tooth whitening formula is applied to your teeth using custom-molded whitening trays. In addition to whitening your teeth, this advanced tooth whitening formula also rebuilds tooth enamel, reduces tooth sensitivity by 30%, adds luster to your smile, and reduces fadeback.

Day White: The Day White teeth whitening at home system is ideal for patients that clench their teeth or are uncomfortable with overnight tooth bleaching trays. For optimal results, tooth whitening trays should be worn twice a day for 30 minutes.

Nite White (Night White): For patients wanting to wake up to a whiter smile, the Nite White system requires teeth bleaching trays to be worn nightly for a set period of time. Some patients have found results after as few as three nights.

After Teeth Whitening

After a teeth whitening procedure you may experience temporary tingling or sensitivity in your teeth which should quickly diminish. Using anti-sensitivity toothpaste prior to treatment may reduce this side effect. In order to maintain the whiteness of your teeth, it is important to brush and floss daily. Your cosmetic dentist can also recommend at-home tooth whitening products to occasionally touch up your teeth and keep them looking clean and bright. The frequency of at-home touch-ups depends on your smile and chosen treatment. Keep in mind that consuming dark-colored foods or liquids soon after whitening your teeth can stain your newly white smile.

Visit With Your Dentist About Tooth Whitening Options

Zoom Whitening for in-office tooth bleaching and Night White and Day White for teeth whitening at home are commonly used and proven highly effective and safe. However, you may encounter a variety of other tooth whitening options that can also successfully brighten smiles. The best way to decide on a cosmetic teeth bleaching treatment is to visit with an experienced and qualified cosmetic dentist who can explain the pros and cons of each system and offer a teeth whitening treatment ideal for your smile.

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