Best Teeth whitening trays at home

April 10, 2017
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At Dr. Joe Dentistry, we specialize in creating the ideal dentistry experience, and that includes providing the best Torrance teeth whitening treatment available. There are 2 types of teeth whitening treatments, in-office teeth whitening and at-home teeth whitening. At Dr. Joe Dentistry, we’ve observed that our patients prefer at-home teeth whitening trays over the in-office treatments, so that’s what we provide. The best kind of teeth whitening gives you noticeable results that last in the South Bay sun.

At-home whitening trays are used at your convenience, at home around your busy schedule. They also give you the flexibility to control the whiteness of your teeth. They can even be worn overnight. In addition to the convenience of at-home teeth whitening trays, they are also gentler on your teeth and mouth; after your treatment you will have no or very little teeth sensitivity. Whitening trays are painless, simple and effective in achieving the beautiful white smile you want when at Manhattan Beach.

Professional Teeth Whitening Dental Trays Vs. Drug Store Trays

The difference between using professional dental teeth whitening trays and a drugstore trays in Torrance, over-the-counter variety is huge. It’s all about quality and effectiveness; when you want to see real results, you need a professional teeth whitening treatment that can only be provided by your dentist in Torrance. The best professional teeth whitening trays include gel that continues to whiten your teeth up to 24 hours after you stop using it, whereas drug store brands stop working immediately after tray removal. Professional whitening trays prescribed by your dentist also cause much less irritation to the gums than the low-quality ones available over the counter.

Perhaps the biggest difference between professional dentist teeth bleaching treatments and drugstore options, though, is knowing which one to use. With Dr. Joe’s experience and expertise, you can save time and money by skipping the experimentation of trying out brands by yourself. Dr. Joe can evaluate your teeth and help you find the best teeth whitening treatment in Torrance for you immediately.

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The Opalescence Option

Professional dental teeth whitening trays are better, period. And one of the best teeth whitening options available is the Opalescence Tooth Whitening System. Opalescence is available through Dr. Joe Dentistry and works using teeth trays adapted specifically to your teeth, rather than store-bought versions with a one-size-fits-all tray. While most at-home treatments can cause whitening results on the surface of the teeth, Opalescence targets the stains beneath your teeth as well.

Known as “intrinsic stains, ” these include discolorations in the cracks of teeth as well as in the layer of tooth beneath your enamel called your dentin. The Opalescence gel you apply to trays before putting them on is able to penetrate further into your tooth than weaker treatments. Whitening teeth from within causes longer-lasting results than simple surface bleaching.

Not Just the Best, the Best Teeth Whitening for You

There are many options for getting your teeth their whitest and the sheer amount of available options can seem daunting. However, at Dr. Joe Torrance Dentistry, we pride ourselves on finding the best solutions for teeth whitening, or any other type of dental treatment, for each one of our patients. With our co-diagnosis approach, you will always discuss your options calmly with Dr. Joe following his diagnosis and recommendation.

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