How to clean Teeth whitening Trays?

February 23, 2019
Teeth Whitening

Image titled Use the LED Light to Whiten Teeth with Whitening Trays Step 1Brush and floss your teeth. Clean teeth are instrumental for good contact between the whitening gel and the tooth surfaces.

Apply a small amount of the carbamide peroxide bleaching gel to the whitening tray. (If you do not have a tray, order an impression set with your first supply of whitening gel.)

Insert the tray into your mouth. Wipe off any excess gel that spills out of the tray's top.

Ready the LED light's mouthpiece. Most models come with a shield that you remove. Gently clean the mouthpiece.

Image titled Use the LED Light to Whiten Teeth with Whitening Trays Step 2 Switch on the LED light. Insert the light source's mouthpiece between your lips. It will bump up against the tray, which is perfectly alright.

Hold the light in place with your lips. Since most whitening sessions last about 20 minutes, you can do fun things like surfing the Internet or reading while waiting for the timer to alert you to the end of the whitening period.

Remove the light and tray. Remember to turn off the LED light!

Rinse out any remaining whitening gel and brush your teeth. Use a soft cloth to clean the whitening tray and the LED light's mouthpiece. Store everything out of the reach of children. Your equipment is now ready for future use! If you notice that you are running low on whitening gel, contact Sporting Smiles for a refill.

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