Natural teeth whitening with baking soda

July 31, 2020

It sounds amazing, doesn't it, that turmeric, a plant leaving stains on almost everything, can help whiten teeth!

However, that is exactly the effect it has when combined with baking soda and coconut oil in the natural toothpaste the recipe for which is presented here.

These three beneficial ingredients will not only clean and whiten your teeth in a natural and harmless way, but it will also help your teeth and gums overcome infections and inflammation and tooth decay.

You can use it to relieve a toothache in case of sensitive and tender gums as well as to prevent caries and bad breath.

All the three ingredients abound in antiinflamatory and antiviral properties so they will guarantee you clean, white and glistening teeth along with the best natural long term protection.



Add baking soda and coconut oil to turmeric. Stir the ingredients well until you obtain a thick pasta.

Apply your homemade paste on your toothbrush and brush your teeth just as you would do with a regular dental hygiene product. Then rinse your mouth well.

You can keep the paste in a closed glass container and use it several more times.

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