Naturally White teeth whitening

February 19, 2016
3005 West Lp S
Houston, TX 77027
(713) 622-0300

Left 4 messages in an attempt to use my Groupon and never received a call back. Finally in a search for an alternative number or email I found their online booking form. I booked my appointment. When I showed up the door was locked and no one was there. I called the number and for the first time someone picked up. She informed me she was at a meeting and would head there shortly. I waited 20 minutes. When she arrived she was professional and pleasant and really seemed to care about her work. The interior was clean and pleasantly decorated. Not sure why there was such a problem getting someone to return a call or show up on time, but the final result was nice.

By far the worst company. I do not understand how they are still in business. After numerous of cancellation on their behalf and a request for a refund they have not yet paid my refund. They do not answer the phone. Been awaiting a refund for 3 months. Not mentioning being asked by them to come to the office and they will pay me cash and upon arrival they stated they did not have the cash. I do not recommend this place. Horrible customer service

I just got here, and its upstairs. My appointment is at 10:15 and right now it is 10:07. The doors are locked and I called them and said someone will be right there to unlock the door.. And it's freaking cold outside too! What kind of business does this to their customer!? But I will do another review for my service. Okay so the staff was nice, the service was good but it made my teeth really sensitive, I have the glo system at home which I use but it never leaves my teeth feelings all weird or causes pain.. But I will give this place 2 stars. I don't think I will be returning to this place.

I got my teeth whitened here with my bf, whenever we walked in the girl in the front didn't even greet us or smile. Good customer service would be nice. Well whenever we were done, our teeth were about a couple shades lighter. Problem is that it only stayed white for a few days. We stayed away from foods and drinks they told us to avoid and everything. I would not go back. it was a complete waste of money.

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