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May 21, 2014
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Most teeth whiteners do work — after a few days, if not weeks, of use. But who wants to wait? Paula's Choice Brighten Up ($15,, a new hydrogen peroxide-based teeth-whitening stick, promises to lighten one shade in just two minutes (no rinsing required). So we asked the Good Housekeeping Research Institute to test the claim. Experts rated the color of volunteers' teeth before and two minutes after application, then calculated the difference. Testers also assessed the product via questionnaire. The verdict: In the lab, Brighten Up visibly lightened the teeth of two-thirds of participants, and more than half agreed that their teeth looked whiter. Not surprisingly, results were most pronounced on stained teeth. The wand also scored points for its ease of use, fresh scent, and pleasant taste. "It's great for quick whitening and freshening-up, " one tester noted.

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