Instant teeth whitening products

May 22, 2017
The iWhite Instant Teeth

Our patented dual action light technology delivers a whole new level of whitening to your teeth.

Luster™ Pro Light is one of the fastest, most effective ways to whiten your teeth. Enjoy visible whitening in as little as 30 minutes-that's 2X faster than strips and trays-without any tooth sensitivity. Its patented dual energy whitening light accelerates whitening so that you have whiter teeth just in time for a special event. And its flexible treatment schedule lets you whiten when you want, either all at once or spaced out across several days. Testing by a major dental university shows Luster Pro Light is completely safe on enamel, so you can be assured that whitening your teeth is both safe and effective.

Luster Pro Light offers the same advantages of in-office dentist whitening treatments... but without the painful tooth sensitivity, inconvenient dentist office visits or expensive fees. Its patented dual energy whitening light technology provides similar results to professional dentist whitening treatments while using much more gentle application methods.

The Luster Pro Light kit includes an accelerator mouthwash, whitening serum and activating light. .


Slightly basic rinse formula helps drive the breakdown of peroxide during the whitening process, enhancing the speed of whitening

Contains a phase transfer catalyst and surfactant which helps the peroxide molecules attached and remove tough stains

Also includes a disinfectant that kills bacteria that produces peroxidase, a naturally occurring enzyme that destroys peroxide

Stain Lifting Serum

Gentle peroxide formula does not cause tooth sensitivity

Contains a resin to help the peroxide better adhere to the tooth's surface, ensuring that the peroxide fully whitens teeth

The patented whitening serum formula encapsulates peroxide to better fight surface and deep stains

Also features a photoactive ingredient that enhances the Whitening Light's efficacy


Activating Whitening

The patented Dual Energy Whitening Light features a xenon light that emits just the right amount of heat to activate the peroxide and promote whitening

The light emits a biologically sage (non-UV) level of blue visible light that helps the photoactive substance in the Stain Lifting Serum promote whitening

Instant Whitening

Make your teeth appear whiter than they actually are, instantly.

Luster NOW! Toothpaste and Mouth Rinse feature Bluverite®, a proprietary formula that creates a blue foam, resulting in the optical effect of whiter teeth. The results are instant and they last for hours. So whether you are running out of the house in a hurry, need a boost for a night out, or just want to get on with your day, our instant whitening products with Bluverite® will give you that fast whitening effect.Sometimes you just want what's quick and easy with little to no effort. That's exactly what our instant whitening products were created for.

Bluverite® acts by temporarily depositing subtle blue micro-particles onto the tooth's surface, changing the optical properties and reducing the yellowness of the tooth's surface. It's formulated to help whiten stains with daily use.

Tooth whitening is comprised of changes in L* (lightness); a* (red-green) and b* (yellow-blue). Research shows that biggest factor in the perception of tooth whiteness is directly correlated to the change in tooth yellowness (b*).

Deep Stain Eraser Toothpaste

Not all whitening toothpastes actually whiten teeth-we made sure ours do.

Luster Power White Deep Stain Eraser® Toothpaste delivers visible whitening by removing up to 95% of surface stains in just 5 days. Its gentle cleansing formula means you get a beautifully whiter smile while keeping your whole mouth clean and fresh.

Better Than Other Whitening Toothpastes

Active Dental Peroxide

Only one ingredient is known to effectively and safely whiten teeth: peroxide. Power White contains 2% stabilized hydrogen peroxide to guarantee that you get long-lasting whiter teeth. Just as important, Luster has optimized the amount of active peroxide in its product-any less and the products would not whiten as well, any more and our users could experience tooth pain and/or sensitivity.

Power White is the first toothpaste of its kind. No other company has been able to stabilize peroxide. Due to peroxide's natural reaction to other ingredients, toothpaste compounds will begin activating and breaking down while on the shelf, inevitably decreasing concentration levels and nullifying their effectiveness. Power White's proprietary technology controls peroxide and prevents it from activating until it reaches the tooth surface thus delivering 2X the whitening power as the leading brand. Other agents on the market are creating separate cleansers and peroxide agents making brushing your teeth a two-step process. Power White is a two-in-one toothpaste as it both cleanses and whitens your teeth effectively.

Only Use Mild Cleansing Agents

All toothpastes use cleansing agents to loosen and remove particles and stains from teeth. Calcium Pyrophosphate, the cleansing agent used in Power White is especially mild, meaning that it gently scrubs away build-up while keeping your enamel safe. This toothpaste does not use sulfates (SLS) and instead uses natural foaming agents to ensure you are not prone to cancer soars or other reactions. Using a more abrasive agent and sulfates, which many other brands use, is like using sand paper on your teeth; it will remove build-up but it could also damage your tooth surface and sulfates (SLS) make you prone to cancer soars.

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