Number one teeth whitening products

November 3, 2020
White Science

BleachBright has set the industry standard for cosmetic teeth whitening worldwide. Our team of creative developers extend beyond just creating cosmetic teeth whitening products for our consumers. With our extensive technology, superior packaging and incredible results with our product lines, it's no wonder BleachBright is highly regarded as the number one teeth whitening developer in the industry.

Bleach Bright Professional Package

Bleach Bright and your tanning salon are a perfect combination! ! We offer a full line of high quality teeth whitening products and the Professional Package includes everything you need to get started!

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LED Whitening Kit

Bleach Bright LED Whitening Kit is the ultimate combination of speed and results. In just one 15 minute session, you will notice a dramatic difference of 2-8 shades of whitening with almost zero sensitivity. Our system features the latest technologies that are safe, industry-unique and affordable.

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Starbright Pen

Starbright Pen is an on-the-go teeth whitening, enamel strengthening, and stain blocking tool! Maintain your smile with the teeth whitening gel side and protect and strengthen teeth plus block stains with enamel booster side.

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