Professional Teeth Whitening Dentist

July 18, 2019
Teeth Whitening Dentist

At Ballantyne Center for Dentistry, we have many options for helping patients achieve a whiter and brighter smile.

  • Affordable L.E.D. cosmetic teeth whitening
  • Advanced Professional Bleach Bright teeth whitening
  • Zoom! ACP Teeth Bleaching
  • Traditional Professional Tray teeth whitening

Choose any of our teeth whitening options and get a new, advanced home whitening on the go pen, FREE. (Valued at $40)Just mention you saw this offer on the website

L.E.D. professional teeth whitening is an excellent entry-level and relatively inexpensive way to get your teeth whitened several shades brighter than they are now. You will barely feel a thing and you will get results in about 15-20 minutes. This is a GREAT touchup whitening and can be done as frequently as you wish. A wonderful option to get off unwanted stains mild discoloration.

Advanced Professional BleachBright teeth whitening was actually developed and tested in part by Dr. Yaste and Dr. Hufanda. This process allows us to successfully whiten more stubborn stains and take a yellow tooth and make it beautifully whiter. This is an affordable solution for almost everyone and only takes 30 minutes! Less than 1% of our patients have ever said they had any sensitivity at all and many of our patients come back again and again to have their teeth comfortably whitened with this system.

The Ballantyne Center for Dentistry L.E.D. Teeth Whitening GUARANTEE…

If we cannot get your teeth at least two to eight shades whiter with our Cosmetic Teeth Whitening System we will credit every dollar towards our ZOOM ACP Professional Teeth Whitening…or redo the whitening at no cost to you!

For the absolute best results, choose ZOOM! ACP Teeth Bleaching

Zoom ACP represents the latest advancement in professional teeth bleaching.

Zoom is a step up in whitening and often requested by individuals who are looking for the option that produces the most dramatic results. On average, individuals gain 10 shades in whiteness with ZOOM.

Zoom teeth bleaching is a 45 minute process. Some patients will have teeth sensitivity for up to 12 hours after the treatment; however the procedure is completely safe. Zoom is a must if you are having bonding or porcelain veneers.

“How long does Zoom whitening last?”

Several factors are important…what you eat and drink, smoking, how dense and opaque your tooth enamel is, the natural hue and transparency of your teeth, your DNA. Properly maintained by a dental professional, the teeth can stay white for a LIFETIME. The key is maintenance and at the Ballantyne Center for Dentistry we can provide a LIFETIME Teeth Whitening Program that fits your lifestyle and your budget. Call us now and take advantage of our latest teeth whitening specials.

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