Luster Pro light Teeth Whitening Reviews

July 1, 2017
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A beautifully whiter smile you'll be proud to show the world starts right here. Each component of the Luster Pro Light Whitening System is designed by dentists to quickly, safely remove even the toughest stains. Professional Teeth Whitening at Home Erase years of stains and turn back the clock to a more confident you with just 30 minutes of clinically proven whitening. Developed by dentists with light-activated whitening technology, Luster Pro Light gives you a beautifully whiter smile without messy strips, uncomfortable trays, or painful tooth sensitivity. So whether it's years of coffee, smoking, or just the natural discoloration that comes with age, you can quickly, safely achieve a smile that makes you feel new. And best of all, you can do it right at home-on your schedule. Proven to be enamel safe, Luster Pro Light effectively whitens teeth while protecting your tooth's enamel. Contains: Accelerator mouth rinse 8 oz Super whitener gel .27 oz Activating whitening light 4 AAA batteries Shade guide to measure results Instructional guide

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