Twilight Teeth Whitening Reviews

August 12, 2016
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The surface of your teeth contains millions of microscopic pores. Over time, organic compounds from food, beverages, and tobacco settle into these pores and cause discoloration of the tooth enamel. Twilight Teeth removes these stains with a powerful teeth-whitening process. The active ingredient in the system is carbamide peroxide, the same active ingredient used in professional dental offices nationwide. The whitening gel penetrates the pores in the surface of the teeth and removes stains by the process of oxidation. Because carbamide peroxide is accelerated by heat, the Twilight Teeth mouthpiece works to allow the UV light which already bleaches the teeth to heat and activate the whitening gel creating an easier, faster process for whitening teeth. Twilight Teeth has addressed two specific problems that occur with other teeth whitening systems:
PROBLEM – FIT. That’s right, you wouldn’t think about it but, even with a professional tray made for your mouth, uneven distribution of the bleaching gel is likely. How? Even the slightest pressure variance between the tooth surface and the tray caused by biting too hard or even being too relaxed, can cause the gel to be displaced too thin to be effective.
SOLUTION – A universal mouthpiece that does not have contact with the tooth’s surface yet allows the UV light / heat direct access to the surface and the heat activated gel.
BENEFIT -A more uniform result. Lower cost because it’s universal. Time/money saver.
PROBLEM – GEL. Some are too low of a percentage of carbamide solution to be effective. Some are not thick enough to stay in place, and some have a undesirable taste.
SOLUTION – A thick, mint flavor, heat activated, 25% carbamide peroxide (industry leading) whitening gel.
BENEFIT – A system designed for the tanning industry. Utilizing the unique environment of tanning sessions. Offering “The Original Tanning System for the Tanning Industry.”
Major difference: The enormous savings of money by not going to the dentist to have the trays made or spending the time required from other systems. Let’s face it you have already allocated your time for tanning why not do two things at the same time. These savings can literally mean hundreds of dollars.

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