Teeth really sensitive after whitening

March 12, 2018
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Teeth whitening can give you beautifully looking smile. But way beyond this beautiful smile one has to reconsider teeth whitening procedure. Most of the individuals tend to experience very sensitive teeth following teeth whitening. But still many would want to go for whitening process taking the risk of sensitivity.

How to avoid teeth sensitivity after whitening?

  • Two weeks prior to whitening one can use desensitizing toothpaste to brush the teeth.
  • Better to do teeth whitening by a professional dentist rather than doing it yourself at home using whitening products and kits.
  • If you are going to whiten your teeth at home then buy a whitening kits or products that have lower levels of hydrogen peroxides in them.
  • Always stick to the product application time. Do not leave the bleaching agent longer than a stipulated time.
  • Try to use whitening products less frequently.
  • Follow strict eating habits during whitening periods. Certain foods and drinks can worsen acid erosions on the teeth.
  • Medications such as anti-inflammatory can be taken one hour before the whitening procedure. However, see your doctor before taking any drugs.
  • One can use whitening strips over the mouth trays.

In spite of the side-effects of tooth sensitivity many people are willing to whiten their teeth. Many of us may ask what to do for very sensitive teeth after whitening. So, here are some of tips one can follow to relieve teeth sensitivity after whitening.

  • Do not brush your teeth after whitening: One should not brush their teeth immediately after teeth whitening. Brushing will promote exposure of the dentin and cause more sensitivity. It can further damage the enamel which may be already weakened by a bleaching agent.
  • Apply desensitizing gel: Apply desensitizing gel to the teeth 30 minutes prior to bleaching and rinse it off later. Desensitizing gel should have fluoride and potassium nitrate (5%).
  • Avoid extreme temperature foods: A very sensitive teeth can cause painful sensitivity even with slight temperature exposure. Therefore, it is better to avoid hot and cold foods and beverages right after whitening. Also stay away from high acidic foods and drinks as well.
Source: www.mytooth.net
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