Best teeth whitening strips 2013

March 15, 2019

Don’t be afraid to flash a smile, HollywoodLifers! We’re bringing you the latest and greatest in teeth whitening technology. Get ready to say goodbye to yellow enamel, and hello to your best smile ever!

As you’re clearly well aware by now, summer is here. And while you’ve been spending the past few months up in the gym working on your fitness (Fergie, anybody?) and perfecting your spray tan, you may have been neglecting some other beauty needs — like teeth whitening! To make sure you have a mega-watt smile, we’ve rounded up our favorite teeth whiteners to share with you. Check out the gallery for all of our favorites.

Teeth Whitening — Traditional Methods

For those who just want a little whitening boost, we recommend traditional whitening toothpastes. We love Colgate Optic White Oral Care Regimen which includes a toothpaste, toothbrush and whitening mouthwash rise — in fact, makeup artist, fashion expert and tv host Jeannie Mai is a huge fan of the line. Also try Emmi-Dent 6 Ultrasound Toothbrush, which oscillates 84 million times per minute to cut through bacteria and plaque to whiten teeth.

Whitening Strips & Systems

If you’re looking get rid of more than a few surface stains, we recommend going the more heavy duty route and exploring teeth whitening strips and systems. Rembrandt Stain Dissolving Strips are absolutely fantastic. Not only do they whiten deep-set stains like coffee and red wine over just two weeks, they also prevent future enamel stains as well.

Go Smile Truly Whitening Toothpaste System is a two-part toothpaste system that penetrates beyond surface enamel to lift set-in stains. Simply brush teeth with the Go Smile System and watch your teeth become whiter day-by-day.

Super Fast Whitening

Toothpaste and whitening strips are all well and good — but what if you don’t have weeks wait around for results? That’s where these instant results whiteners come in. We love PEARL Brilliant White Ionic Teeth Whitening System, an incredibly fast personal tooth whitening system that can whiten teeth up to 10 shades in just one 50-minute session.

If you’re not into gadgets, then try Primetime Smile Active Blue Teeth Whitening Kit. This two part brush on gel provides whiter teeth in just minutes without irritating gums. Each pen is good for five instant whitening applications.

Supersmile Quikee is the ultimate on-the-go product. Just dab some on your teeth and rub in with your tongue. No water necessary!

If you are not the DIY type, we recommend LAVAAN Dental Spa in New York City. They offer teeth whitening (and also have an express whitening service) for busy guys and gals. Time flies during the whitening treatment because you can watch TV on a flat screen TV during your service! It’s the ultimate luxury.

What do you think of our teeth whitening picks, HollywoodLifers! Do you have any favorites that we missed?

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