Crest whitening strips for sensitive teeth

May 1, 2017
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Best whitening strips I've used for sensitive teeth.

I absolutely loved these Crest gentle white strips. They actually catered to my sensitive teeth and gums. They didn't make my gums hurt or my teeth sensitive to cold. They worked just as well as the other Crest white strips I've used to give me professional looking results. My teeth were noticeably white after the first few times I put these on. After I used the whole box, I've had the whitest teeth i'm seen in my whole life. These strips got rid of all those old soda and coffee stains I had on my teeth. My teeth were starting to yellow and not look so great, it got rid of those yellow stains completely. What's great about the white strips is that they keep my teeth looking white even after I've stopped using them. This is my favorite whitening product now, and i'm completely impressed at how amazing these are. My smile is so shiny and bright thanks to Crest.

They are just as effective as the other Crest whitening strips. I could tell my teeth were a lot whiter after the first few times of using them. When I was done with the box I had amazingly white teeth.

They were convenient and easy to use as the other Crest white strips are. I just put the strips on my teeth, and then removed them when I was done. They weren't messy either which was great.

Minimal Side Effects

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