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October 22, 2017
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5 Things to Consider When Buying Tooth Whitening KitsA person's most beautiful asset is a bright smile. White teeth are not always achievable, especially for those who enjoy drinking coffee, wine, or smoking. Most people's teeth lose their brilliance over time due to aging, and tooth whitening at the dentist is both costly and unpleasant. Thankfully tooth whitening kits for the home are available, affordable, and constantly improving. There are several things to consider when buying a tooth whitening kit, such as which method to use, one's personal pain tolerance, the taste of the whitening gel, and the price of the system. Shoppers can find an affordable and effective whitening kit by searching on eBay. Everyone is free to show how happy and confident they are with a brighter, whiter smile.

Differences Among Tooth Whitening Kits

Tooth whitening kits come in an array of choices for shoppers in search of brighter smiles. Knowing which one works the best or is worth the money can seem confusing, which is why every shopper should consider a few different aspects of the whitening kits before making a final purchase.

1. Tooth Whitening Method

There are several tooth whitening kits available for sale, and some work better than others. They also differ in price and comfort. Some are for daily, long-term use, while others require only a few days to see a drastic improvement in tooth color. Some tooth whitening methods, such as the toothpaste or mouth rinse, do not result in dramatically whiter teeth, because their purpose is to remove daily stains. The more expensive, deep-cleaning kits such as the bleach or gel tray kits, are for removing deeply rooted stains that regular toothpaste cannot remove.

● Whitening Toothpaste

The whitening toothpaste is for daily use and reduces the amount of stains from food, drinks, smoking, and other regular exposures to one's mouth. Whitening strips use a thin layer of gel to whiten during the 30 minutes users leave them on teeth. The mouth rinse both kills bacteria and removes stains, and users should use the mouth rinse daily to maintain the positive effects.

Whitening tray kits are the most effective based on multiple reviews. The trays contain the same whitening gel as the strips, but they are easier to use, have little tooth discomfort, and do not create as big as mess as other gel kits. The bleach and UV light is the method most dentists prefer to do in-office, and bleach kits are available for sale. The user applies the bleach like a gel and the light activates its whitening properties. It is ultimately up to the individual's preference to find the right tooth whitening kit.

2. Pain Tolerance

One side effect that many tooth whitening kit users complain about is the tooth sensitivity that comes from the gel. Different brands and types of tooth whitening kits vary in the pain that users experience, and reading reviews on the specific kits helps shoppers find the best kit for them. One professional study concludes that the SuperSmile Professional Whitening System , a toothpaste and gel kit, and Aquafresh White Trays are completely pain-free. Tooth sensitivity during whitening increases when users floss their gums before application. Some gels induce more pain than others, so researching the most pain-free tooth whitening kit is important.

3. Treatment Duration

Some treatments last a few days, while other treatments last more than ten days. Users need to use whitening toothpastes and mouth rinses at least once daily to see long-term results. Individuals who need to see immediate results should use the bleach method or the whitening trays. Many users report that using those two whitening kits once or twice leave their teeth three or four shades whiter than before.

Teeth stain over time, so even the one-time bleaching does not last forever. However, some kits like the gel trays and bleach kit are perfect for fast results, while gel strips and the toothpaste are ideal tooth whitening kits for those who want to keep their teeth stain-free every day. For the best results, shoppers can purchase both a daily treatment with a one-time treatment to maintain white smiles.

4. Taste

Not all tooth whitening kits are the same. Some tray kits and gel strips are notorious for escaping gel that tastes terrible and users must spit out. Doing the research about which tooth whitening kits have the worst taste or excess gel prevents disappointing experiences and traumatizing interactions between taste buds and whitening gel. Some tray kits do an excellent job at securing the gel, and the bleach application has zero chance of escaping the teeth's surface. Knowing which kits taste the best, or are the least unpleasant, ensures a pleasant tooth whitening experience.

5. Price

Tooth whitening kits can be jaw-droppingly expensive. While price, for the most part, directly correlates to the type of tooth whitening kit, there are expensive gel strips and whitening toothpastes as well. Price also does not dictate the effectiveness of the whitening kit. Researching the various kits for the best results at the best price guarantees that shoppers do not waste their money on poor teeth whitenings. Everyone wants a whiter smile, but it should not cost an arm and a leg to get there.

When buying tooth whitening kits, there are many things to consider before making a decision. Not all tooth whitening kits are effective, fast, nor are they all worth the cost. Some taste terrible and cause drooling, while others cause extreme pain and sensitivity in the teeth. Shoppers should be sure to weigh all of their options across all price ranges to see if what they need meets their budgetary constraints. In this process, shoppers should read reviews of the various tooth whitening systems to see which work the best.

Buying Tooth Whitening Kits on eBay

Whether it is a basic whitening toothpaste or a state-of-the-art bleaching system, all tooth whitening kits are available for purchase on eBay. Users can insert keywords like "Crest whitening strips" or " Aquafresh gel trays" into the search box that is on every page at eBay. With the search box feature, shoppers have access to every relevant listing in eBay's universal database. Users can also filter the search results to fit within their price range, preferred tooth whitening system, or preferred brand name. Before purchasing anything, users should thoroughly research the reputation of each seller by reviewing feedback left from past customers. The feedback shows potential buyers the experience that previous clients had with the seller and the product purchased.

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