Rembrandt teeth whitening strips

June 3, 2019
Haar does coconut oil whiten

By Emma Klug

“Through our strong retail partnerships, we are already helping provide access to affordable oral self-care with store brand products that offer an exceptional value, ” says Rich Sorota president and CEO of Ranir. “The Rembrandt brand platform will complement that portfolio.”

Rembrandt’s product offerings include a two-hour whitening kit, stain dissolving strips, fresh mint toothpaste, intense toothpaste, and whitening mouthwash.

Sorota says Rembrandt gives Ranir an additional platform in the teeth-whitening segment.

He says while dental whitening products will be Ranir’s initial focus with Rembrandt, expansion into adjacent dental categories may be considered for future growth.

Ranir’s products can be found at major retailers in more than 40 countries. Founded in 1979, the company also owns, manufactures, and markets the Plackers brand of dental flossers and oral hygiene products. It has more than 750 employees worldwide.

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