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September 10, 2019
For a brighter smile you re

MrBlanc Express Teeth Whitening Top Ups are perfect for ‘on the go’ whitening. The express whitening strips completely dissolve after 15 minutes! Comfortable to wear, thin and transparent, MrBlanc Express Teeth Whitening To Up Strips leaves you with a minty fresh mouth and smile to be proud of!

MrBlanc’s Express Teeth Whitening Top Ups are super simple to apply with no mess or residue and nothing to remove. The strip dissolves on the teeth in 10-15 minutes to form a gel and then completely melts away after a further 5-10 mins. Use anywhere, anytime, its basically whitening ‘on the go’. MrBlanc Express Teeth Whitening Top Ups whiten your teeth discreetly and are still enamel safe ensuring no sensitivity to your teeth or gums. Perfect if you are wanting to ‘top up’ your smile before an important social event.

With the ability to provide instantly whiter and fresher teeth in just fourteen days, MrBlanc Express Teeth Whitening Top Ups gently yet effectively eradicates traces of stains and discolouration that can build up throughout daily life.

Effortless to use and perfect for those who are constantly busy, these strips remove stains caused by numerous food and drinks, such as coffee, tea, fruit juice and red wine, making it a certified cosmetic essential for everyone.

Vital whitening before any social event, these transparent and thin strips have been proven to miraculously whiten the teeth by up to four shades lighter, without the use of peroxide, guaranteeing to cause little to no discomfort.

Use MrBlanc Express Teeth Whitening Top Up Strips if you want to:

  • Removes stains such as tea, coffee, fruit juice and red wine.
  • Remove stains in a safe and effective way.
  • Get visibly whiter teeth in 14 days.
  • Whiten your teeth on the go.
  • Nothing to remove - fully dissolving strips.
  • Freshen your breath and reveal a whiter smile.

Did you know? 88% of people said that MrBlanc Express Strips made their

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