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April 17, 2021
So What Is The Best Teeth

The first step is to make an appontment with a dentist and have your teeth cleaned professionally. After the cleaning, see if the hygienist can polish the brown spots or stains out between the teeth. Assuming these spots are not cavities and the polshing is not enough to make them white, then I would suggest your try a system called KOR Whitening. It removes pretty much any stain from tetrayclne stains and other stains that no whitening system has been able to accomplish. Check out KOR Whitening online and see what you think and ask your dental professional if he does this procedure. You will be very happy with the results!

Assuming you're not going to bequitting smoking, you should get 3 to 4 professional cleanings a year where they can use ultrasonic cleaners as well as special strips between the teeth to remove the stain. As far as home hygiene, you should be flossing consistently at least once a day. Investing in a Waterpik or Hydrofloss would also be wise. Of course, if you can work on quitting, that would be the ultimate solution. Not only your stains will disappear, your gums, heart, lungs, pancreas and the rest of your body will also thank you for it!

Try to stop smoking. Your health is important. Until then, brown spots from smoking can usually be polished off at a professional cleaning. You can purchase a portable polisher-we sell them for 16.00. Also, use whitening toothpastes to keep the stain under control. We recommend Supersmile by Smigel. Try Crest Whitening Strips as well. Keep smiling-

Without a doubt, the best way to eliminate brown stains in between teeth from smoking is TO STOP SMOKING. When smoking is not an issue, there are many ways to remove these stains. Thorough brushing with a high quality toothpaste can remove most stains. A professional cleaning will remove what you miss.

Whitening is not the best solution. It will have an effect, but these whitening products are best suited to lighten overall tooth color. They do in part remove stains, but that is not die true function. Best to quit the habit, you may find the brown in between the teeth disappears

Cosmetic dentistry can whiten even the discoloration from smoking. Trying whitening toothpastes or whitening gels is just a waste of time and money at this point. The most effective way is to start with a great dental cleaning. Some tobacco stain just needs to be removed by hand by the hygienist.

Some very brown stains between teeth are actually cavities. You will need a good examination to see if that's a problem for you.

Some very brown stains are actually older white or composite fillings. They can absorb a lot of stain either from the porousness of the old material itself, or from the edges of the old fillings losing the seal, and re-opening allowing a second cavity to start under the first one.

If none of these other issues are problems for you THEN it's time to consider teeth whitening. Success from teeth whitening comes largely from matching one of the whitening techniques to your whitening personality. Different people need different ways to whiten their teeth-no one way works for everyone.

The best way to brighten tobacco stained teeth is to stop smoking and get the stains cleaned professionally. This type of external tooth stain needs to be mechanically removed. You can then whiten your teeth to give you a reason to never smoke again. Hope this helps.

Source: www.realself.com
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