Will coconut oil whiten your teeth

November 18, 2020
Does Oil Pulling Work To
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I chose the bougie-ist of oils, coconut, because it contains anti-microbial lauric acid (plus, we all know that coconut oil is a panacea). I took pictures of my grill from day 0 to day 7. See for yourself the amazing transformation!

Day 0:

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This is my mouth in the morning, just after brushing. A little gross and filmy, there’s some definite yellowing on many of my teeth. Mostly, I am discouraged by the fact that my teeth seem slightly crooked in this picture despite years of excruciating orthodontia. I am particularly unnerved by the one tiny tooth on the right — curious. I have decided to start wearing my evening mouth-vice (night retainer) again.

Day 1

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First day of oil pulling — and feeling squeaky clean! A visibly whiter and brighter smile here. Perhaps it is the lighting. I found it difficult at the beginning to keep a tablespoon of oil in my mouth, as my first impulse was to gag and spit it out, but I grew accustomed to the feeling after minute five. I melted the solid coconut oil in the microwave for a few seconds, so there was a warm, toasty coconut taste in my mouth — not unpleasant, but warm. Also noticed that I’m wearing the same pajamas here as last night. Interesting.

Day 2

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Sometimes, we do not have time to spend 20 minutes in the morning swishing oil around our mouths— this photo is from a night pull. I’ve found that the time passes quickly if you find something to occupy yourself while your mouth is full of coconut oil, like looking at your own Facebook profile from an outsider's point of view, just to check what your life is looking like on social media these days. I am getting used to the mouthfeel of the oil. My teeth look yellower than yesterday, but maybe it is the yellow-ish lighting?

Day 3

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HOT HOT OIL! I left the coconut oil in the microwave for longer than 30 seconds, and as a result, had to spit out a burning mouthful of coconut oil. DO NOT PUT YOUR OIL IN THE MICROWAVE. In addition, many of my personal belongings, like my laptop, now have oil finger marks on them. I have worn these pajamas for the third night in a row — it has become clear that these are my favorite pajamas. Otherwise, nothing new here.

Day 4

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