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January 20, 2018
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Are you unwilling to smile because your teeth are less than dazzling white?

At Peppermint years of tooth discolouration can be easily wiped away…..

Your teeth can become heavily stained from everyday foods and drinks such as tea and coffee. Smoking can cause a “yellowing” of the teeth. Even with a perfect oral hygiene routine these stains can be difficult to remove. But don’t despair, we can give you white teeth on demand, using our 100% safe and effective teeth whitening technology.

Peppermint laser whitening

This is a method using light to activate the teeth and hydrogen peroxide chairside. It is only recommended as a treatment for a quick fix and if longterm results are required, at home trays is a requirement for greater patient satisfaction.

Peppermint at home whitening

Teeth whitening at Peppermint using custom made at home trays can deliver whiter teeth at a reasonable cost. We can offer 10 or 16 percent carbamide peroxide. We make our own customised whitening trays on site.

Whitening using WY10

This system was developed by dedicated teeth whitening dentist Dr Wyman Chan and is the favoured whitening method by the A-List celebrities. WY10 is the only whitening company with six research and design patents on dental bleaching/whitening. It is a whitening system that guarantees teeth to go as white as possible. The technique involves impressions being taken to produce the PERFECT TRAYS, the patient returns for the fit appointment and then a chairside whitening treatment is provided using S2POWER, the world’s smallest and most innovative bleaching device. It is used in conjunction with Dr Chan’s own brand of whitening gel which is activated by heat only from the device to give the best possible white teeth results pain free.

Enlighten® Tooth Whitening System

This award winning whitening system can whiten teeth by up to 16 shades safely and quickly. We provide home whitening kit with a customised tray to achieve a longer lasting, confident white smile.

Enlighten Deep Bleaching

Enlighten is the latest guaranteed teeth whitening system from the States. This system is so effective that It can also lighten teeth that have been stained by tetracyline antibiotics. The procedure involves taking a mould of your teeth first which is then used to manufacture special patented sealed whitening trays at Enlighten Smiles Laboratory. Approximately 10 days later you will be given your whitening trays and 14 days supply of the deep bleaching Enlighten gel. You wear the trays with the gel overnight for 14 days.

Source: www.thepeppermintgroup.co.uk
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