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January 27, 2016
Los Angeles Teeth Whitening
Teeth Whitening Los Angeles - Young CoupleHave you seen someone walk by and all you can notice are the amazingly white teeth? Have you wondered how you can get such a brilliant white smile?

Los Angeles dentist Dr. Mungcal of Downtown Dental can tell you how. The answer is teeth whitening, and not teeth whitening with an off-the-shelf paste or strip, either. In our office, patients can choose from several options, each proven to achieve gorgeous results. To begin your smile transformation, all you need to do is schedule your consultation with our friendly team. After listening to your concerns and goals and performing an examination of teeth and gums, Dr. Mungcal will discuss with you which treatment may give you the results you seek.

ZOOM! ® – One of the best options available is the professional, in-office teeth whitening, most commonly known as Zoom whitening. This is a one-hour office teeth-bleaching session that allows patients to leave the office in about an hour with a whiter, brighter smile–up to six shades lighter! Patients can enjoy television, music, and a cozy blanket while sitting back for their in-office whitening session. The Zoom teeth whitening process is very simple. We prepare your gums and lips, then paint the special Zoom teeth whitening gel onto your teeth. Then we shine a special laser onto the gel-coated teeth. We repeat this process three times. When you are done, you can see a dramatic difference in your smile. KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching System ® ¬– KöR may be considered the best teeth whitening process ever. Its system has the least painful process for people that have sensitive teeth. The best aspect of KöR teeth whitening is that it lasts a lifetime! Once you have used this teeth whitening process, though your teeth may not stay as bright as they were when you first received the KöR treatment, your teeth will never go back to the dull tone they were originally.

At-home Whitening - At-home whitening kits are also available through Downtown Dental. Simple, affordable, and convenient, home whitening provides gradual results one day at a time. In our office, we take impressions to make a custom-fit whitening tray. You will receive your tray along with a supply of whitening gel and instructions for home use. Gel is applied to teeth via your tray on a daily basis, lifting stains a little more with each application. Most people achieve the same result they would from in-office whitening after a week to ten days of daily wear.

Downtown Dental offers teeth whitening through our Whitening for Life program. This program rewards patients that come in regularly for their recommended teeth cleanings by offering them tooth bleaching trays and teeth whitening gels twice a year. This encourages patients to maintain regular appointments with their dentist. This ensures that patients can keep their teeth healthy and well cared for, while rewarding them with whiter, brighter teeth.

If you want to whiten your smile fast and effectively, consider teeth whitening at Downtown Dental. We offer affordable options to our patients, as well as a number of whitening solutions to choose from. Call today to schedule a teeth whitening session for you, and treat yourself to a gorgeous, brilliantly white smile!

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