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November 9, 2019
Side Effects of Whitening With

Whiter teeth in a short period of time: this is the promise of zoom teeth whitening. Though there are plenty of teeth bleaching agents available for home use as part of kits sold in the supermarkets, teeth whitening under the close supervision of a professional is often the wisest and most effective solution of all. What is zoom teeth whitening? We are talking about a medical procedure that uses laser technology to lighten the mild or serious discoloration of the dentin and enamel. On an evaluation scale for testing zoom teeth whitening, parameters indicate an eight-shade whiter enamel after undergoing the procedure.

The zoom teeth whitening procedure should not be longer than an hour; yet, previously to the intervention as such, the dentist will inform you whether there are other steps to be taken or not before the bleaching as such. For instance, professional cleaning of the dental structure is required before the use of the zoom teeth whitening technique; this usually takes around a quarter of an hour, while the rest of the procedure, the bleaching as such last for around 45 minutes on the whole. Before using the zoom teeth whitening system, it is good to get some info on the way things go during the intervention.

Before the laser light is applied to the teeth, they'll be treated with a hydrogen peroxide gel that is broken under the light impact allowing oxygen to enter the enamel. The structure of the tooth remains untouched during the zoom teeth whitening, as the gel only acts on the discolored dentin portions. In terms of comfort, patients usually don't feel a thing while undergoing the zoom teeth whitening process, and they are encouraged to focus on other things like a TV or some music in order to make time pass more pleasantly, till the bleaching procedure is over.

In terms of side effects associated with the zoom teeth whitening, mild tingling and sensitivity to the treatment may appear, since the laser light generates a small amount of heat. Such minor discomforts could be prevented if you use anti-sensitivity toothpaste prior to the treatment. Once you've seen the great advantages of zoom teeth whitening you'll definitely worry about how to maintain the brightness of your smile. Using a fluoride paste, flossing and brushing the teeth at least twice a day are the first precaution measures to be taken; these are actually the same that ensure a good health condition in the mouth.

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