Sensitivity after teeth whitening

March 9, 2016
Reduces Teeth Sensitivity

zoom process Zoom Whitening GuideAn educated patient is our best client. To better prepare for your upcoming appointment please read this guide to understand what to expect from your in-office teeth whitening appointment. After performing thousands of procedures, we’ve learned quite a bit. Below is everything you need to know about your appointment. For best results it’s important to have a recent dental cleaning. The Zoom whitening gel cannot penetrate through plaque and calculus.

before zoom1 Zoom Whitening GuideThe Zoom whitening Treatment

Teeth Whitening works by exfoliating stains from inside your teeth to bring them back to their natural color. Zoom teeth whitening is a process that uses a 25% hydrogen peroxide gel, the gel is activated via a special UV light. Your eyes, lips and gums are completely covered and protected throughout the entire procedure.after zoom1 Zoom Whitening Guide Whitening is considered one of the safest procedures available in dentistry. The procedure consists of three 15-minute sessions. A fresh layer of whitening gel is applied after each session as the old gel is removed from your teeth.

Teeth Whitening Results cannot be predicted

We will measure your initial shade, and the final shade to see how many shades lighter you got.chiclets Zoom Whitening Guide But there’s no way to predict how many shades lighter your teeth will get beforehand. The whitening process removes stains that we all accumulate over the years from coffee, tea, juice, soda, fruits and berries, sauces, salads etc… The final shade is your natural tooth color, which is unique for everyone. The only way to find out is to try the in-office teeth whitening for yourself. In our recent office study (August 2013) of 100 random patients, the average patient got results of 7.3 shades lighter. Some patients got as many as 15 shades lighter, while a small percentage (

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