White Lightning Teeth Whitening Reviews

March 1, 2023

Today I’m coming to you beauties with some information on some great products that will brighten and whiten your smile, the most important accessory you could put on!!

All of these products can be found at WhiteningLightning.com AND currently they are on sale on Hautelook.com at HUGE discounts! So read on, see if you’re interested, and then head on over to Hautelook before it’s too late!


Whitening Lightning Zero White Teeth Whitening Pen

Recently I’ve decided to say no more to my lifelong dingy smile, and have been on the hunt for truly effective whitening products. This is one of them! Pens are the new “it” product in teeth whitening, because they’re so easy and quick to apply - plus you don’t have to hide in a hole because your teeth will look like they have nothing on them. You can apply it quick before school or work, and it won’t disrupt your daily routine. One pen will last you at least a month, and in that time your smile will brighten more than you ever dreamed.

This pen promises to whiten your teeth up to 10 shades in 2 weeks… which is a LOT of whitening power in a really short amount of time. And does Whitening Lightning live up to this promise? Yes. Within just a few days I’ve seen significant stain removal (I even made my man partake in the whitening process and his teeth look amazing after just a week!) The effectiveness, plus the ease of use, makes this product worth it, hands down.

The Zero White pen is safe for everyone… even those with sensitive smiles, crowns, veneers and caps, because it is formulated without peroxide which can ruin your enamel. Hooray!

Zero White Pen: (here) BUY NOW ON HL for only !


Whitening Lightning Super Booster Pen

This pen not only whitens, but freshens your breath and kills bacteria as well! What’s not to love there? It is great product to bring with you on-the-go to swipe on between dinner and a movie to keep your smile looking bright!

The Super Booster pen whitens just as well as any other pen I’ve tried, and is also very easy to use. It tastes minty and immediately makes your teeth look more model-like after the first swipe of the pen. It’s definitely a great buy, and I might even prefer it over the original Zero White pen.

Super Booster Pen: $79 (here) BUY NOW ON HL for only $19!!


Whitening Lightning Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Glosses

Before these glosses, I’d only ever heard of lip products with lights in the cap, and I always laughed at the thought, because I never imagined having the need to apply my gloss in the dark. But now that I own these great glosses, I see the light… no pun intended!

These are large tubes of beautifully colored gloss, with a mirror on the side of the tube and a bright LED light inside the cap of the gloss to allow you to see while you’re applying. This feature really is handy, especially you’re the type of person who’s constantly running around (or someone who loves the nightlife!)

I absolutely adore the pretty colors of these glosses… they are universally flattering and a very opaque, long-lasting color. These glosses are really unique in that they’re not slippery and won’t feather or smudge throughout the day, but they aren’t overly sticky and feel really nice on your lips. They are high shine and really make your lips look plump and beautiful. They are mostly unscented, which surprised me, as I assumed they’d be minty.

(Swatch of Jewel)

The best part about the Color Your Smile glosses is that they’re moisturizing, and contain collagen peptides that increase lip volume and treat lip wrinkles… that’s right, they ACTUALLY plump your lips… they don’t just create the illusion of doing so!

I highly recommend these for every gloss addict!

Color Your Smile Glosses: $38 (here) BUY NOW ON HL for only $14 or $29 for all three colors!


Whitening Lightning has been kind enough to create a discount code special for DrugstorePrincess’ subscribers!

Source: drugstoreprincess.com
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