Stars Teeth Whitening Reviews

November 1, 2017
Stars Beauty & Teeth Whitening
3525 W Carson St
Torrance, CA 90503
(424) 348-1096

I'm totally happy with the results!!! Sarai is super nice, explains everything and is very gentle. My teeth look awesome now. No sensitivity, or chalky feel either. Just go, it's great. Thanks Sarai, Peter.

Walked in and there was a rude lady standing there in scrubs but a guy greeted me. She was taking care of what I'm guessing was her screaming child. She must have been training him cause I heard her lecture him about making sure he only uses the restroom on his breaks. First of all that's very unprofessional to be watching your kid while your working, pick a job! Second of all the law is an employee can use the restroom when he or she needs to. I was very uncomfortable of the employee being lectured while I walked in there before getting the customer service I should've got so I ended up not getting my teeth whitened nor will I be back to get them done or recommend anyone to go there!!! Horrible customer service and if that's the owner or the owners wife they need to learn how to run a business not a freaken day care!!!

Excellent service and results. I am very pleased and will use again. Fast and professional quality.

I love service and my teeth are so white I can stop smiling. Thank you Melissa. I'm telling all my friends they need to come see you guys.

Very impressed! My teeth whitening experience was excellent and the results are amazing. Mor, my representative was very knowledgeable and helpful by talking me through the step by step whitening process. It took two hours for the whitening process, I kinda got tired, but it was worth it. Never had my teeth this white because I am a smoker. Highly recommended!

Overall great experience w/the teeth whitening procedure. After reading the reviews, I called & I was able to come within the hour. The owner greeted me at the front & answered all my questions as it was my first time. Service was very friendly. After deciding on a package, the session started. What I loved was the match up before your session & the match up after session. After the session my teeth were noticeable more white. When I matched up after, my teeth whitened by 5 shades which was pretty significant. I would def recommend to try out the procedure if you are looking for great results.

I was a little bit skeptical about this place but I did try it and definitely would do it again! I even took a nap while getting this treatment done! No kidding! The service was not that great but the results did make me forget about it. I had done the 16% treatment and really saw a significant difference.

My sister and I both made our appointment over the phone and received 20% off which was a great start. We had great attentive service, and my teeth are noticeably whiter! I am so happy, and will definitely return for upkeep.

My teeth look bright and I'm back for more. I'm not ready to give up coffee so thank god for businesses like this

It was a very nice first experience for getting my teeth whitening... Im sorry I can't remember her name who helped me but she was very sweet as well as all of the of workers there. Very helpful. I would recommend to a friend.

I'm very satisfied with my first visit! My teeth are visibly whiter and it was actually sort of relaxing. The reclining chairs are perfect for a nap. I have sensitive teeth, but have had no pain or extra sensitivity. Melissa was great. She was sweet and very knowledgeable on the products. It was refreshing since so many people can't explain their products these days. They moved from the storefront outside to a kiosk inside. This presented no problems. This was my first whitening and i will be returning for sure.

Bought 120.00 package, max whitening. I do not Recommend this process the chemicals are too strong for lapse time nothing more the 10 to maybe 15 minutes . It was truly painful and I forced myself to finish the process. MY gums where bleached WHITE and the first and second layer of my gums was burned and peeling by the next day. The pain was enough that I needed meds. I SWEAR I WOULD SEND A PERSON I DIDN'T CARE FOR THERE ITS THAT BAD.

Very friendly service, painless, fast and results show right away. I recommend this to everyone with sensitive teeth.

The result was really stunning and my teeth became much whiter after the care. It takes about two hours to finish the care. The people in the store are really nice and careful. They would tell you things in great detail. I feel good about this store.

Great customer service. Awesome results!! Definitely will be back to keep up my pearly whites

Came in here for my daugther, and had such a n excellent service and price her teeth look like 3 shades whitter than before, excellent price, I end up doing mine as well I recommended 100℅

The process works. My teeth could be whiter/brighter and the chemicals are a bit too strong for my sensitive gums, but i will probably return.

I was a little skeptical of a whitening place in a mall, but I bought the top of the line whitening and the owner explained everything to me and started... It was WONDERFUL! it did not hurt and I have sensitive teeth in fact I even fell asleep in the chair I was so comfortable! I cannot even express what a nice experience it was. I had trays and professional bleaching from my dentist and this is by FAR better and cheaper. I am going to send my teenager and my husband next. Thank you Stars Beauty!

My daughter and I had our teeth whitened a few days ago. For a reasonable price, we were very pleased with the results. We were able to see a difference after just one treatment!

I went to the location in the Westfield's Culver City mall formerly Fox Hills mall. I had a great experience with very comfortable chairs. I'm already a B1 with my teeth and wanted to freshen up and whiten my teeth before a major up coming dental appointment. The staff at this location was very patient and answered all my questions and took care of all of my needs as well as explained the teeth whiting product with precision. If anyone wants to get teeth whitened I would highly recommend Stars Whitening.

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