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February 23, 2017
Teeth Whitening Kit With

Hollywood Smiles makes teeth whitening an easy undertaking with its blister-free treatment. Some teeth whitening kits use loose or small strips to apply teeth whitening gel, but Hollywood Smiles has made a mouthpiece that fits the whitening gel comfortably around your mouth as well as a whitening light designed to maximize the gel's efficiency. It earns our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award for its easy treatment and quick, effective results.


Of all the teeth whitening kits we tested, Hollywood Smiles performed the best. Teeth whitening products sometimes have results that last only for a short time, but Hollywood Smiles gives your teeth a sheen that lasts far longer than the treatment itself.

The treatment’s length is one week, which is shorter than some of its counterparts, which can last two or three weeks. In our testing, Hollywood Smiles made our participant's smile two shades whiter, according to a teeth whitening guide given to us by a dental specialist.

The whitening also lasted longer than the initial treatment time of just one week. Some teeth whiteners only yield results that last a few days, but even weeks after ending the treatment, our test subject's teeth were whiter than before she started using Hollywood Smiles.

Hollywood Smiles has a snug, form-fitting mouthpiece. Such snug coverage is vital to allow the teeth whitening treatment gel to cover all visible surfaces of your teeth. Hollywood Smiles has a mouthpiece connected to a large tube, which sticks out from your mouth when you have the mouthpiece in your teeth. In our testing, the mouthpiece never grew loose and fit around the teeth well.


The comfort level of a teeth whitening kit can make or break your ability to use it in the most effective way, and Hollywood Smiles provides admirable comfort to its users.

Some teeth whitening gels contain chemicals that cause blistering to the gums, but our testing participant reported that her mouth actual felt better after she used it. She had no blistering on her gums, due in part to the fact that the gel contains sensitivity-reducers that help lower the chemical effects in addition to making your teeth less sensitive to cold after treatment.

The whitening gel in Hollywood Smiles has no discernable taste, and it helps that the gel does not need to be applied heavily to your teeth in order to work properly and make your teeth noticeably whiter. The treatments, which are applied twice a day over the weeklong period, consist of applying the gel lightly onto the mouthpiece, which is light and can stay on while you move, which means you can perform other tasks during the treatment if need be.

Our tester reported no discomfort over the course of the treatment, and even felt refreshed after her treatments were over, similar to brushing her teeth after eating a bowl of ice cream.


The mouthpiece itself contains a whitening light. This is a form of tooth whitening therapy that is thought to enhance the gel’s abilities to chemically alter your teeth color. The light is switched on with a button on the bottom of the mouthpiece holder, and there's a light to indicate that it is staying on during your treatment.

The kit also comes with a dentist-approved shade guide, although we chose to judge our testers’ results based on a third-party guide from a dentist. The mouthpiece is also dentist-approved, with a top and bottom attached to the same device so that you have no difficulty whitening both parts of your mouth at the same time.

The only shortcoming is the lack of a moldable mouthpiece. The size is pre-made by the manufacturers. Molding the mouthpiece to your teeth puts the gel in the best position to get at all visible surfaces of your teeth, and even though Hollywood Smiles did an excellent job in our testing, it would still be an added benefit if you could mold the mouthpiece to fit your teeth exactly.

The gel comes in applicators that contain the amount you use during each treatment. This removes the need to measure it out yourself. The final tool is a whitening pen, which contains whitening agents you can apply to your teeth directly. It does not have the power of the gel, but the pen can still help you with hard-to-reach areas.

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