Shazam Teeth Whitening Reviews

May 31, 2017
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I bought this recently because I've been having trouble with my teeth ever since I saw my dentist a month or so ago. He performed some kind of a deep clean which had left me with hyper sensitive gums and so shooting pain through the teeth ensued whenever I ate or drank. In desperation I turned to Amazon and saw this tooth treatment oil for £9.99. Based on the positive reviews I bought it straight away and tried it out as soon as it arrived a couple of days later.

The oil is very very strong with a peppermint (almost 'fisherman's friend' taste) and you only need to use a little of it (1 -2 drops). I rubbed it along my gum line but you can also dilute a few drops and use as a mouthwash or put a little on your toothbrush.

To be perfectly honest I'm still on the fence about this product. I think that it possibly did help with my tooth sensitivity but can't really say whether this was down to the product or just time. Also, I HAVE perceived a slight whitening of my teeth since I've been using the oil, but again don 't know if this is just my imagination or not.

Therefore, I would recommend this as a preventative measure but maybe not for calming any kind of dental pain. Due to the strong peppermint taste it may numb your mouth a little which - let's face it - is better than tooth ache! But the real strength of this product is as a regular treatment for teeth especially if claims are true that within 30 days it can help repair cavities, receding gums and a whole manor of nasty dental problems.

I'd rather buy a little bottle of this for a tenner than fork out huge dental bills once the damage has been done. Therefore I probably will repurchase this, but maybe look elsewhere if you are seeking immediate effective dental pain relief.


- Only need a couple of drops at one time meaning the bottle should last ma good long while
- Lots of lovely natural oils and minerals for restoring oral health
- Could possibly minimise dental expenses with prolonged use.
- Maybe does whiten teeth?


-No noticeable pain relief besides the overwhelming hit of peppermint
-A bit on the expensive side but you are paying for quality ingredients

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