Glam White Teeth Whitening Reviews

April 4, 2019
GlamWhite, Home Teeth

My teeth were not badly discoloured, I am very fussy about my teeth. I like to use whitening toothpaste, but I've never had professional whitening. I'm thrilled to receive something so well targeted to me in a BeautyHeaven Discovery Bag. Thanks, Beautyheaven!

The name of this whitening system is misleading, you don't use it for just 2 days, they say "Visibly Whiter Teeth IN AS LITTLE AS 2 days". The pack contains enough for twelve doses & are recommended to be used four times daily for three days (twice in morning, twice at night), OR twice daily for six days. I chose the four times a day for three days method. The instructions are brief, but concise & simple to follow.

The pack contains a bottle of accelerator mouth rinse, plus a pen like applicator of whitening gel. Instructions say to brush & floss, then measure one tablespoon of the mouthwash & swish for 10 seconds. It would have been good to have a cap measure included. I used measuring spoon, & rinsed it after each use. This is absolutely delicious mouthwash, sweet & minty.

Whitening Gel comes in a pen-like applicator. I like how sturdy it is. There's minimal risk of spillage, gel squeezes out onto brush easily, but not too easily. The hardest part is not letting my tongue or cheeks to touch my lips for 30 seconds. I wish I had one of those saliva vacuum suckers that dentists have, I found myself salivating a lot. I enjoy the bracing taste of the strong peppermint gel, but sensitive users might find it too strong. You can wait ten minutes then repeat mouthwash & gel application if you've chosen the four times a day method. After ten minutes, the gel becomes inactive, but it's recommended to wait 20 minutes before eating, drinking or smoking. Product info states that this is clinically proven to be enamel safe, & is completely safe for dental restorations such as crowns, caps & veneers. I don't have sensitivity or crowns, caps or veneers, so I can't comment personally.

RESULTS AFTER 2 DAYS: Yes, my teeth are definitely noticeably whiter, as claimed.

AFTER ALL 12 TREATMENTS: My smile is blinding!

REPURCHASE? For sure! I phoned the Freecall number on the box 1800 222 099, to find out how often it's safe to reuse for maintenance, but they were unable to get back to me in time to post this review.

One curious note: on the outside of the packaging is a warning which states: "Only use the product after consulting your dentist or doctor, especially if you have sensitive teeth or infected gums."

Are they kidding? I'm not making an appointment with my doctor to consult whether or not to use an off the shelf whitening product. I imagine this is to protect themselves from litigious Americans because it's MADE IN USA.

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