Smile Science Teeth Whitening Review

September 25, 2019
Picture of my Whitened Teeth

Smile Sciences Reviews

The reviews vary a lot concerning different aspects of the product, from whether it works to whiten teeth, possible side effects it will have, to whether the product worths the price.


"I really love my Smile Sciences Teeth Whitening Kit. It really does a great job of whitening your teeth and I especially love the pen that I can carry with me for touch ups. I didn't experience any sensitivity and my teeth are sparkling."

"I received this kit for Christmas last year and I absolutely love it. I have tried so many different kits. I am now a customer for life."

"Terrible teeth whitening kit. All it did was put white spots on my teeth. I would not recommend it."

"I bought this teeth whitening kit and followed the directions that were provided perfectly. It burned my gums. I couldn't even keep it in my mouth long enough to see if it works or not. I learned my lesson – leave professional products to the professionals."

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