Tips to whitening teeth fast

September 7, 2017

Nothing complements a swipe of lipstick better than a pearly-white smile. Unfortunately, most whitening treatments can be harsh for those with sensitive teeth (not to mention expensive!). So what’s a girl to use instead? One word: strawberries. That’s right – according to, strawberries contain malic acid, which acts as an astringent to remove surface discoloration on your teeth. Next time your teeth need a pick-me-up, give this easy DIY treatment a try:

how to whiten you teeth with strawberries

1 strawberry
½ tablespoon baking soda


1.) Crush the strawberry to a pulp-y consistency

2.) Add in baking soda until blended

3.) Use a soft toothbrush to spread the mixture onto your teeth

4.) Leave on for 3-5 minutes

5.) Rinse and brush thoroughly with toothpaste

6.) Floss out any stray strawberry seeds :)

NOTE: It’s best to apply this treatment only once a week – the acid can damage the enamel on your teeth if you overdo it.

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