How to whitening teeth naturally?

August 15, 2013
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The smile… the universal way we communicate health, beauty, friendliness, confidence, success, acceptance. It’s no wonder that we all want a healthy smile.

Tooth whitening commercials and dental treatments are all too eager to give us one of those smashingly white smiles we see on all the ads on the internet, TV and in magazines.

But what are the drawbacks of these cosmetically generated white smiles? How to whiten teeth naturally is the focus of this series.

We will address the risks of commercial whitening strategies in an upcoming article.

This is the first article in a series we will publish on how to have whiter teeth naturally without destroying your enamel. (Yes, there is a very real risk of permanent enamel damage if we attempt to whiten our teeth unwisely.)

However, in today’s discussion we want to clearly lay down what we consider the first step to having a naturally whiter smile.

We find the following story very helpful in bringing this first step into clarity.

The analogy of the leaking boat…

Let’s say you are in a small row boat in the middle of a lake. You look down and notice that there is a drain hole in the bottom of the boat and the plug to the hole isn’t in place. In other words, the boat is taking on water fast!

There is a bucket on the boat as well as the plug to plug the hole.

Which do you do first, begin bailing out water with the bucket or put the plug in place?

Of course, we all would answer this the same… Put the plug in place first to stop the boat from taking on more water, THEN begin bailing water out with the bucket.

So let’s turn our attention back to naturally whitening our teeth.

Which do you do first, apply whatever whitening technique you choose or figure out what habits you have that are causing your teeth to be less than pearly white?

So, the first step to having naturally whiter teeth is to make some simple changes to your daily habits that may be causing your teeth to discolor.

The First Step to Having Naturally Whiter Teeth

The first step is to identify what habits you have that are causing your teeth to discolor and either stop the habit or figure out a way to enjoy the habit without discoloring your teeth.

In this way, we are ‘plugging the hole in the boat’ first. Once we stop whatever habits we have that are staining our teeth, then we can shift our attention to bringing back the white of our pearly whites.

The Most Common Culprits that Cause Discoloration

There’s good news and bad news with this one…

The good news is it’s pretty easy to identify the main causes of what may be discoloring your teeth. The bad news is most of the culprits are well engrained or downright addictive habits.

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