Natural Home Remedies To whiten teeth

November 8, 2020
Home Remedies to Whiten Teeth

What is it that made you look for home remedies for whitening teeth? I know I once looked into the mirror, smiled at myself and…was a little bit shocked to say the least, well actually I was horrified but I didn't want to sound over dramatic...but I really got a reality check from that mirror

My pearly whites had turned pearly off-off whites. There was no other alternative for me than to find some natural remedy to clean those babies up and make them shine again. Lasers and chemical whitening gels simply were no option for me, Hollywood can keep those treatments for themselves

So say no more we know what you're looking for. Discolored teeth can seriously ruin your self confidence. We all know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, it's not fair. But we also do know that this is exactly what does happen whenever you see someone for the first time

It is a brutal truth that a bright smile makes you look younger, self assured, confident and more attractive to the other sex. This is not totally our opinion; this is what research has brought to light about the way we humans look at each other

These very effective and proven natural teeth whitening methods have helped many, many people like you…and us as well. And you too will brighten up your smile. The only two things you need are one of ourhome remedies for whitening teeth and the will to do something about it. And we know you have the last one

These home remedies for whitening teeth will make them shine, so you'll have every reason to smile again!!

It's this easy...

Most ingredients for these natural teeth whitening methods you probably already have at home somewhere in your kitchen or medicine cabinet. They are easy to apply and very powerful. And if you don't have them, most are very affordable or downright cheap

We'll also give you some very useful prevention and maintenance tips to make sure that your teeth will be as healthy and shiny as they can be

Let's get started then, first a short explanation and then some powerfulnatural teeth whitening methods, followed by useful prevention tips

What NOT to do
when you value your own teeth!

We have heard of many wild stories about ways to whiten your teeth. And not all of them are as safe to use as you might think

Home remedies for whitening teeth (what NOT to use)

Lemon (citrus fruit)

Do NOT use lemon juice or peel, or orange or any citrus fruit for that matter as a natural teeth whitening method. They contain citric acid which whitens your teeth alright because it solves calcium in your teeth; this calcium normally gives your teeth an off-white color

The big BUT is that calcium is also necessary to keep your teeth healthy and strong and when you lose it because of the citric acid your teeth become way more vulnerable to decay. In the long run the use of this acid can even totally dissolve your enamel...a definite NO NO


Another natural teeth whitening No No is using strawberries. Although they can be part of a healthy diet and they taste a bit better than lemons, for them we also have the same advice, do NOT use it as natural teeth whitening, and also for mostly the same reasons

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