How to whiten teeth with baking soda?

September 9, 2022
How To Whiten Teeth With

Baking soda and Lemon juice are not a healthy way to whiten your teeth. Although the result may seem that your teeth are whiter you have actually eroded and abraded your teeth. Lemon juice is very acidic and will erode your teeth. Baking soda is very abrasive and will abrade your teeth. Together they can have a very destructive effect. Once enamel is lost, it is lost forever.

A healthier and more effective way to bleach your teeth is to do the in-office bleaching systems or the at home bleaching systems with bleaching trays. There is no way to know how much improvement you will get but you will see an improvement. Some over-the-counter whitening products can be effective if used as instructed.

A good way to keep your teeth white is to get your routine cleanings, minimize foods that can stain your teeth (coffee, tea, wine, soda etc.) and don't smoke. Also, you can use whitening toothpaste and keep the slurry that forms from brushing in your mouth for about 5 minutes. If done consistently for a few weeks you will notice an improvement.

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