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March 18, 2022
Best at home teeth whitening
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You’ve received a beautiful wedding invitation in the post and can’t wait to attend the loving couple’s special day. Maybe it’s your BFF’s big day and you’re the maid of honor, maybe your boyfriend’s college roommate is tying the knot, or maybe it’s a relative you barely know and you’re just in it for the free champagne. Whatever the case, we’re guessing you want to look like your glittering, gleaming best self when you show up to the nuptials, especially because weddings tend to be chock-full of friends and relatives you haven’t seen in years. That’s why we’ve gotten together a list of seven easy hacks that will help you realize your full wedding beauty potential. Read on to get gorgeous!

1. Get your brows in order

The key to flawless makeup is prepping your base, which includes clean skin and a set of freshly waxed, threaded, or plucked brows. Brows tend to be the one element that people forget about when doing their makeup, but they are truly the key to a fully realized, finished beauty look. Make an appointment at your favorite salon far in advance of the big day, as it tends to be nearly impossible to book the best eyebrow technician’s last minute. After your brow tech frees your face of any rogue, unruly hairs, make sure you’ve stocked your makeup bag with an eyebrow pencil or powder and clear brow gel, which will lock your eyebrows down and make sure they stay in place all night long.

2. Make sure your smile shines bright

What are weddings about if not happy photos of all the guests having an amazing time? For all the posing and smiling for pictures you’re sure to be doing, you’ll want to whiten your teeth to ensure they shine their brightest. We know that getting teeth professionally whitened can be expensive, so why not try an at-home way to perfect your smile, from a home LED whitening system to coconut and charcoal whitening strips. Don’t pass on this step: perfectly pearly white teeth will look great in the wedding photos, and even make your lipstick pop!

3. Get your nails done

One essential day-before-the-wedding task is a trip to the spa for a manicure and pedicure. By this point, you probably have your dress all picked out (or the bride has picked it out for you) so you can easily choose a nail color that compliments your outfit. Nude or light pink nails are a classic, beautiful choice. If you’re a lover of nail art, we suggest going for a design that is trendy, yet simple enough not to be a distraction. Right now, we’re loving French tips in unexpected shades like gold. Tiny flowers decorating your nails are also a classic wedding crowd-pleaser.

4. Decide on a hair concept

Many girls will take the easy way out when it comes to hair and opt for a loose curls in a simple down-do. But if there’s one time to experiment with an elegant hairdo you’ve been dying to try but have been too lazy to do on a regular day, it’s at a wedding. Obsessed with girly braids? Can’t resist a jeweled hair clip? Seen a super cool do on your favorite celebrity? Go for it!

5. Plan your accessory strategy

If you’re wearing a dress chosen for you and a gaggle of other bridesmaids by the bride to be, your accessories are the perfect way to show off your unique personal style. We love delicate, understated necklaces and earrings for weddings because they’re feminine, flirty, and won’t overpower your bangin’ dress and meticulously done makeup. Speaking of makeup, yours will require routine maintenance throughout the event, especially after hitting the dance floor with the groom’s cute friend who’s been eyeing you all night. Throw everything you need in a small purse or clutch. Your bag should be just big enough to fit the essentials like your phone, lipstick, mascara, makeup wipes (in case of smudges) and extra hair ties and bobby pins. You don’t want to spend the night lugging around a tote bag stuffed with the entirety of your makeup cabinet!

6. Practice everything in advance

The best strategy for finalizing your look is to do a run-through of everything you’re planning to wear a few days before the wedding. This way, you’ll have time to make any last minute alterations to your dress, you’ll be sure your shoes pair flawlessly with your outfit, and you’ll know whether or not to tweak your hair-do to ensure it stays safely in place throughout a night of mingling, dancing, and sampling all the delicious drinks at the open bar. Snapping a few photos with your camera phone (or even better, a Polaroid camera) will give you some insight into the cutest, most body-flattering poses to strike when the photographer turns his lens your way. You’ll also be sure that you know how to flawlessly execute that elaborate smoke-eye look you’ve planned.

7. Choose your plus-one

What does your date have to do with glamorous wedding beauty, you may ask? Well, in the absence of mirrors, this is the only person you can rely on to tell you if you’ve been sweating off your mascara or if you smudged your lipstick while indulging in that delectable wedding cake. If you’ve got a beau who you’re planning to bring, hopefully he’s honest enough to be entrusted with this grave responsibility. If you’re bringing a girlfriend, pick a companion who’s always ready to have a good time, whilst keeping an eye on your appearance. The right friend will also act as your wing woman throughout the reception, and she’ll be your excuse for getting out of awkward small talk with someone’s great uncle you’ve never met before.

If you follow hacks 1-7 all that will be left to do is make sure you don’t outshine the bride!

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Whether you’re just beginning to dip your toe back into the world of dating after a break up or you are full of excitement that the guy you have been eying at work has finally asked you out, it is completely natural to have some pre-date butterflies. To give you a helping hand we have gathered together some of our favorite date prep style and beauty tips to make sure you don’t have to change your outfit and makeup a hundred times before leaving the house and can concentrate on that hot date instead!

Pamper Yourself


Although pamper-days usually come with deep cleansing, scrubs and peeling, try to avoid anything harsh before the date and use hydrating products instead. Treat yourself with a bubble bath, a hydrating lotion and a plumping face mask, save anything that can irritate your skin or cause redness for later (or a few days before the big night). Focus on every beauty detail: paint your nails and apply a hair mask, so you will feel super confident when meeting up. Also ensure you have a (smiling a lot and showing off your pearly whites is definitely a plus!) and mints in your bag to prepare for the alluring possibility of that first kiss (assuming he is a prince and not a toad, of course).

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