Fastest teeth whitening products

December 8, 2021
Fastest Teeth-Whitening

If you suffer from sensitive teeth, you’ll love our Essential After Care Gels

They really do help to preserve your beautiful new smile!

Teeth Whitening Essential After Care GelsOver time, your teeth become sensitive as your enamel erodes or your gumline recedes. This exposes tiny microscopic holes that lead directly to the nerves inside the tooth.

Our special aftercare gels work to replace essential minerals that your teeth may have lost!

The gel crystallizes to form hydroxyapatite, the primary material in teeth and bone. The gel disperses this into the tooth structure to fill the microscopic holes and repair early cavities, actually making the teeth stronger. It is ideal for use in conjunction with our whitening kits if you have sensitive teeth and it helps prolong your results.

Teeth Whitening On The GO!

Going on Holiday, a quick trip or even for a night out? Want to whiten your teeth without carrying gels and trays? Perfect for topping up and maintaining your results!

Well now you can with these amazing Teeth Whitening pens, fantastic to top up your Smile 4 You whitening course, for helping to prevent the stains returning and for whitening on the go.

In a brilliant handy travel size, this pen will give you over 20 treatments so perfect for those trips abroad where you may have to put your whitening products in the hold due to liquid restrictions on planes!

Very easy to use and completely leak free.

Open the pen and remove the protective cap, twist the top clockwise until gel dispenses onto the brush.

To use, just wipe the front of your teeth with a clean cloth, click the pen until gel is exposed on the brush. Paint a thin layer of gel on the front of the teeth, wipe off any excess and leave the gel on your teeth for 15-20 minutes .

Do NOT eat, drink or smoke for about 15 minutes, keep gel off your gums and rinse your mouth out with water.

The kits that we exclusively supply have been featured on many TV shows including Oprah and also in countless magazines.

Because we have supplied the first whitener on the market way back in 1989, we've had a lot of time to build up our experience of tooth whiteners!

We have sold literally millions of kits since and have been featured on many TV shows including Oprah and also in countless magazines, which you can read about right here.

Just check out what these magazines and TV shows have to say about our product and how high they rate us. It's impossible to ignore this much positive coverage!

Reviews and coverage from the media can make or break a product because quite simply... there's nowhere to hide. If we hadn't passed the many media tests, we wouldn't still be around today. But we are because we have an established, powerful products, with millions of happy customers.

The first whitener on the market way back in 1989

That’s a long time to gather experience it’s helped by the fact we have sold literally millions of kits since. These kits have been featured on many TV shows including Oprah and also in countless magazines.

"Thank You! Dr George's Teeth Whitening System is great and does exactly what it says. My teeth were really yellow from smoking and red wine and they look great now."
Shirley Carlisle - Hull September 2009

Once you have a smile to be proud of it brightens your whole face and you look friendly, confident, approachable, happy and youthful. It really does change your appearance for the better.

Dental White™ is the ONLY tooth whitener you will ever need - results within 30 minutes!

Seriously, you have no reason not to try Dental White™. Finally get rid of those embarrassing stains and see what it’s like to have beautiful white teeth again ... without the massive cost of dental bills.

And no-one has to know you’ve bought it as we send your order in plain discreet packaging. We are also delivering to you from the UK, so delivery will be super quick - no custom charges either!

You know this already, you have probably done your research but we wanted to tell you again... Dr Georges Dental White™ is INCREDIBLE value for money and our most popular system includes the Blue Laser Light Unit and the after care gels too!

So just to recap, why you should order today:

  • The same formula as used in Dentists ... but without the high price.
  • With 4 TIMES MORE GEL than any other teeth whitening kit at the same price, Dental White™ is the best value kit available today.
  • Dental White™ also has a FANTASTIC SHELF LIFE OF 2 YEARS! This means you can use the gel to top up your new smile without having to purchase more ... saving you money.
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