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March 16, 2017
4 Foods That Can Whiten Teeth

Raise your hand if you can count the number of hours you slept last night on one hand. Now raise your other hand if you are depending on coffee to get you through the day today. If so, I am right there with you! My daily routine usually includes waking up and going straight to the french press to make a pot of coffee, taking care of my toddler while working part time from home, having a few shots of espresso after lunch to wake me up, then cleaning the house and getting my toddler to bed. I can tell you guys honestly, that my teeth were getting the short end of the stick. My husband was right there with me too. Coffee was slowly but surely removing all traces of beautiful, pearly white teeth from our smiles. Until we tried Smile Brilliant.

I have used so many teeth whitening remedies in the past, especially ones claiming they were made for sensitive teeth. The strips always made my teeth hurt for days, baking soda and lemon juice was quickly removing my enamel, and whitening toothpaste in stores never does what it claims. All this money down the drain and for what? None of these were safe and none of these even worked. When I tried Smile Brilliant, I couldn’t believe how insanely easy it was to use with the custom fitted trays, and how FAST my teeth were whitening. Seriously. Mind blowing.

Once you get your whitening kit, you just create your molds using the VERY simple step-by-directions, they even give you extra in case you mess up the first time. Then you send off for your trays, and in the blink of an eye, they are back in your mailbox ready for use. The custom fitted trays made all the difference to me. There is no drooling all over yourself or having any odd tastes in your mouth like most whitening products. Just comfortable, easy to use trays that fit right into my teeth.

This is when the fun begins. I usually whiten in the morning, after my cup of coffee, and while I workout and get ready for the day. My husband will put his trays in right before he goes to the gym almost every morning and remove them once he gets home. You can’t even tell the trays are in, so you can seriously do almost anything while you whiten.

Just brush your teeth with water, apply the whitening gel with the easy to use whitening syringes, and leave on your teeth for 1-3 hours. If your teeth are sensitive, you would just start with shorter sessions first and work your way up to the full time. Once you are done, just brush your teeth with your normal toothpaste and water. The whitening kit also comes with desensitizing gel and you would use that right after whitening and brushing. Just apply the desensitizing gel to your trays, and this time only leave them in for 15-30 minutes. Do not drink or brush after the desensitizing gel, that way your teeth can get the benefits of the gel for as long as possible.

I can honestly tell you guys, this product not only worked, but it worked FAST and the results exceeded way beyond all of my expectations. My husband loved it just as much. His biggest thing was using something that didn’t hurt his teeth which are very sensitive. He had no pain at all while using this teeth whitening kit from Smile Brilliant. None!

Just look at our results. All done from the comfort of our own home, on our own time, and no expensive trips to the dentist.

Want to try Smile Brilliant for yourself? Use code whiskeytangofoxtrot5 for 5% off your order! And Smile Brilliant is giving away one teeth whitening kit to one of my readers. Just click HERE to enter!

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