Planet Beach Teeth Whitening Reviews

September 30, 2022
Planet Beach Spray & Spa - 57
Intracoastal Mall
3503 NE 163rd St
North Miami Beach, FL 33160

(305) 948-0461

I have been a member of this facility for a full 8 months now & am more than qualified to leave an accurate review. Do yourself a favor & read this entire review. I too joined with a coupon (I don't remember if it was Groupon or Living Social) that offered 1 week of up to 12 services for $39.00. That seemed like a great way to try out the facility & all that it had to offer. I did purchase pricey sample product packages but, I wanted to enjoy the experience & the staff told me that I needed them for the services to work. My major areas of concern were back & joint aches & stiffness from arthritis. I also wanted to improve my skin texture including fine lines. After the initial week I signed up for a 1 year membership of 16 sessions monthly for $100.00. Unused monthly sessions did rollover & could be used at any time & I purchased a few very pricey full size products. Once again, the staff is very convincing with their organic, special properties mumbo jumbo so that you buy them. The premises are kept extremely clean & all doors do have locks. The staff is always available to help you start the machines. The services last from 8-30 minutes with an average of 20 minutes. The 30 minute session is for the infrared sauna which is great for both detox & joint pain. The hydration & slim capsule are both steam boxes that make you sweat. The various massage tables & chairs are relaxing. The only 2 things that I never did was whiten my teeth (I leave that for my dentist & Crest white strips) & spray tanning. The staff is always busy trying to hard sell people to become members because that is part of their job. Last week they came up with a new UNACCEPTABLE policy that you could only have 2 spa services in a day. Tanning did not count for some reason & the oxygen therapy was not considered a service. When I spoke with the owner I was told that her staff was stressed out & kept quiting (they do have a big turnover) but I don't see this reason as a corelation to the amount of automated services one has in a particular day. After all, the machines were not getting stressed out. She also said that this was going to make for a better spa experience for everyone. I am not sure how she sees this since some people sign up for unlimited services for thousands of dollars which they pay for upfront. The place is generally crowded after a coupon is issued. However, normal day to day it is not crowded at all!! I always go in the morning or early afternoon & have never had a problem making appointments. It takes me 1/2 hour to drive there & now I can only do 2 services! As far as I am concerned, people should be able to make appointments for whatever they want. Also, there are many online Sellers (Geocorb on EBAY) that sell comparable products for a fraction of the cost. A word to the wise MAKE SURE THAT YOU USE A UV HAIR CAP IN THE TANNING MACHINES) or your hair color will strip & your hair will become dry & brittle. No one tells you this so learn from my experience!! Then bottom line is that the place is what it is ~ an automated spa experience that is good if you can enjoy a few services in one day not 2. It is not great or fantastic but good. The products are way overpriced which discourages many sales. If you have no budget I would suggest finding a facility that is convenient, hands on & caters to your needs & not their rules.

It has been a while since I terminated my plan with Planet Beach, and I thought I should write an update now that I'm no longer planning on using their services again. The "spa" is fine, but extremely overpriced for the services provided. The hydro massage, Hydro-Derma Fusion capsule, and spray tanning were the services I used the most. The hydro massage didn't require any extra expense, the capsule required an oil that was pretty inexpensive (under $10 for a small jar that lasted 3-5 sessions), and the spray tanning required the tanning spray which was around $6 from what I remember. On top of my $50+ membership, I was spending an extra $20+ a month on the additions needed to use the services I wanted. The other massage machines were uncomfortable, and the teeth whitening and other capsules were overpriced for the additional products. What really rubbed me the wrong way about this place was the management. I felt really suckered in when I first joined, and every visit was a sales pitch for more products. I had a hard time canceling too. I did what I was told to do, and afterward was told that wasn't the procedure to cancel, so I was charged an extra month. In the end, the owner offered me a few months for free, but I had such a bad taste in my mouth over the whole thing, so I never returned. I also don't really have the time to make this membership worth it for the price. $70 a month can buy me an hour long massage and facial at the Aveda Institute that's minutes from my school. Here, I was spending it to have a machine put pressurized water on my back for 20 minutes. I think if they get out of shark-mode on the sales pitch, more people would enjoy their experience and stay with Planet Beach. The fact that they're so aggressive is what's turning people off, and in turn, making people cancel their memberships. Also, they should do a package that includes products. If they charged me $60 a month, and I could have products included in the few services I use the most, I'd consider going back. It's definitely affordable for spray tanning compared to most places, but the second a Zoom Tan opens in the area, this place will really be in trouble because I have a feeling that the tanning is what's keeping this place alive. Speaking of tanning- there was an issue with one of my machines once and the manager walked in on me naked. No knock or anything. This should NEVER happen in a "spa". Overall, I wouldn't really recommend this place. If you're loaded and can just throw your money at businesses like this, then give it a shot, but I think there are plenty of spas that provide better services for a lower cost and aren't sharks when it comes to sales.

Innovative, relaxing! I could sleep on that massage bed. Great little spa where the staff knows your name, nice way to make a simple girl just feel beautiful. I absolutely love it here. However, I must give them a 2 star because the financial aspect sucks. They will SUCK you dry literally. I am still dealing with membership hassle and I tried cancelling over a year ago, was told to call corporate, they told me it's franchise so each location is kind of independent. I had to block them from taking money from my account and report the franchise location to the corporate office. Still a Hassle after only 3 mths of joy, I am facing 2 year of headache.

.Yelp!!! Please do not let this place rob people like me and others who gave 1 star, and you Yelp post our negative reviews on the bottom of your page for nobody to see!? Victoria K. Im so here with you!!! I went though the same situation. Manager Mark, every time I came in different interpretations of the rules and the contract.

My leg got burned in the slim pod because I was told to wear a robe. That device seriously burned me. They overcharged me and said they'd put the money back in my account and never did. Don't expect any customer service.

Planet Beach is my new favorite spa! When I went there off my groupon I purchased while I was in Miami, the staff was super friendly and attentive. They have awesome services I've never seen at any other spa! It's a super cool concept of having automated services because it leaves no room for human error. I signed up as my member my first time there because I just loved it so much. Whenever I'm in Miami, I go at least 3-4 times a week it's my home away from home.

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