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March 3, 2020

A white smile is one of those highly-desirable features that doesn't come natural to most of us. Everyday we are engaged in face-to-face conversations and would rather have someone staring into our eyes as we speak than at our yellow, stained teeth. It can be embarrassing and confidence draining.

Luckily, whiter teeth can be attained quite easily with plenty of whitening methods on the market, our favorite being whitening strips. Read on to find out more about the benefits and how they work, or check out these.

White strips consist of a strip coated with a tooth-whitening gel that delivers a whiter smile after a certain amount of uses. They are the most widely used home remedy for fixing stained or discolored teeth. They usually come in a package with multiple applications. They are to be used for a treatment period of anywhere from 1 day to 1 month, depending on the product you buy.

Whitestrips work on stained teeth like an eraser does on pencil marks. They can remove years of undesirable stains. In each application you will use a strip for your upper teeth and a strip for your lower teeth. Simply peel off the backing, apply and wait for the instructed amount of time before removal. This will be repeated for the treatment period stated in the instructions.

The strips keep the gel against the teeth, ensuring even results and whitening below the surface of the enamel.It is ideal to avoid beverages that stain like coffee and wine during the treatment period to avoid further staining.


  • More affordable, convenient alternative to getting teeth whitened by a dentist. Many cannot afford going to a dentist to get their teeth whitened. The cost of in-office tooth whitening varies, but can range from 0 to , 000. There are many at-home whitening system options, but the strips in our opinion seem to be the most effective for the price.
  • Quick, easy and effective. Oral care companies have made DIY tooth whitening incredibly simple.
  • Many different options to choose from when it comes to treatment period. In as little as 60 minutes you can achieve a whiter smile. There are slower 28-day treatment period options as well. These results may take longer but are better for people with tooth sensitivity.


  • Will not whiten tooth-colored bondings, fillings or dentures. Only meant for natural teeth.
  • There is only so much that whitestrips can do. They aren't likely to work their magic on grey or purple teeth.

There are careful considerations to make before deciding on whitestrips:

Tooth Sensitivity

This is one of the main considerations someone would need to make if planning to use whitening strips on their teeth. Though the whitening isn't normally harming the tooth's enamel, it is still possible to feel the effects of teeth sensitivity when applying the strips. This doesn't mean that you have to avoid them altogether.

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