Colgate teeth whitening strips Reviews

June 13, 2019
Teeth Whitening Sainsburys

voxbox-blogimage-popup2Disclaimer: I received this toothbrush/whitening pen and a small tube of Optic White toothpaste from Influenster is a site where you review products, answer questions, and – perhaps most importantly – share with people in your social network. Occasionally, Influenster will send you a VoxBox with a free product or an assortment of free products. Once you get the product, you are supposed to review, share, etc. So, that is what this post is. Opinions are all my own.

The Colgate Optic White Toothbrush with Whitening Pen promises whiter teeth in 2 days (and then continued results if you keep using it). It is a regular looking toothbrush with a gel pen that fits up inside. I like that – you don’t have to keep up with two products and won’t forget to use the pen since it is hiding under your sink somewhere. It retails for $14. [I have a few $3 off coupons. If you read the review and want to try it, send me a message on facebook and I’ll drop one in the mail to you.]

So, here we go. Let’s try this.

Day 1 and Initial Impressions

Toothpaste: It tastes is a little strong, but not bad. If I wasn’t using it for the whitening benefit, it wouldn’t be my first choice. It isn’t as foamy as my normal toothpaste either. There doesn’t seem to be anything special about it and I won’t review its effectiveness since I’m using it with the fancy pen.

Toothbrush: Just a normal toothbrush. The handle is a bit thicker since it has a place for the pen, but it isn’t awkward or heavy. The package says it is a medium, but it feels pretty hard. I don’t really have a preference, but if you are a soft bristle person you might not like this. During my second use of the day, a bristle came off in my mouth. Ew. I wouldn’t expect this of a brand new toothbrush, but I’m willing to consider it a fluke for now.

Gel Pen: Colgate never calls it bleach, so I’m going to keep calling it gel too. You give the pen a couple of twists at the bottom (like chapstick) and then brush it on your teeth. It reminds me of getting fluoride treatment at the dentist’s office. The taste was fine – it was a very mild version of the taste you have in your mouth when you wear white strips. It went on a little thick, but felt completely normal within a couple of minutes. Using it again in the evening, I was able to control the thickness and spread the gel around better since I knew what to expect.

Overall, I left the house with my mouth feeling like I had a professional cleaning (from the gel taste, I’m sure) and my teeth felt clean all day long.

Day 2 – Are my teeth whiter? Well, yeah actually. But it would only be noticeable if you had studied them in great detail (like if you were reviewing a toothbrush and wanted to see how it worked).

Day 3 – Okay, Colgate promises whiter teeth in two days and the verdict is . . . success! My teeth are noticeably whiter to both me and my husband. Let’s see what happens after a full week of use.

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