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November 26, 2017
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The Cool Teeth Whitening At Home Professional Kit is a teeth whitening system that produces results you would normally get in a dentist’s office. Not only does it make your teeth bright, white and beautiful, it also has in depth support resources that help you learn about how teeth whitening works. We are confident enough in this product’s benefits to give it our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.


This at-home kit produces some of the best teeth whitening results in our lineup. Unlike the drawn-out treatment times of other teeth whitening products and even some professional dental whitening procedures, the entire process takes just a week to complete. You can begin the treatment knowing that you will not have to wait long before seeing legitimate results.

Like many other teeth whitening products, this option uses a mouthpiece to hold the whitening gel in place. We found that the heat-set tray included with the Cool Teeth Whitening kit is tight and fits comfortably, without any noticeable loosening over the course of the treatment.

One consideration when choosing a teeth whitening product is how long lasting the effects are. This product succeeds in keeping your teeth white in the weeks following your treatment. It is reliable and has a high rate of success bleaching teeth two shades whiter. The seven days of treatment are definitely a worthwhile investment for the length time your teeth remain white.


Like with many other whitening products, there is some discomfort associated with the use of this kit. Cool Teeth Whitening uses chemicals in its gel that not even sensitivity reducers can totally keep in check. Even though there was some soreness, the gel did not totally blister our tester’s mouth. She reported having felt some burning sensations during the treatment, but the feeling subsided when she washed the gel off after using it on her teeth for the instructed time period. The taste of the gel is not unpleasant or even very discernable, so you will not have to worry about any lingering after-taste following the treatment.


There are plenty of vital tools included in this teeth whitening kit that will make your user experience easy. That being said, it does lack a few tools we would have liked to see included.

The mouthpiece has a whitening light, and unlike some found in other kits, it is not attached to the mouthpiece. It is a separate device you can put on your teeth after the initial gelling period is over. It is very easy to apply, and it fit our testing participant’s teeth very well.

There are two mouthpieces included, one for your upper teeth and one for your lower teeth, and they are not connected to each other. Both the top and the bottom mouthpieces are moldable to your teeth, so you do not have to worry about the gel missing any part of their visible surface.

The set comes with tubes of gel that are easy to open and control as you apply the gel to each mouthpiece. The instructions do not specify an exact amount of gel to put in each tooth slot, but a small squeeze onto each is instructed as good enough for the treatment.

The two tools lacking in this set are a shade guide and a whitening pen. Even though shade guides are available online, many other kits include them in the set. The absent whitening pen would also have been a beneficial inclusion, as it helps whiten hard-to-reach areas.

Help & Support

If you are unfamiliar with teeth whitening, the support services offered by Cool Teeth Whitening are useful in learning how to use the product effectively. An email address is provided on the manufacturer’s site, and they should reply to you within two days. There is also a FAQs page, social media accounts with updates on products and a huge page of instructions with pictures included. The only support route missing is a phone number, so you might have to wait before getting direct help.


The Cool Teeth Whitening At Home Professional Kit fulfills the most important task of any teeth whitener, which is giving you whiter teeth. While there is some discomfort when using the product, it still has enough exemplary tools and produces satisfactory results, making it a worthwhile product to consider.

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