Teeth Whitening near me

August 31, 2022

"Laser teeth whitening is the best way to dramatically whiten your teeth in under an hour." ~ The Smile Clinic

Laser teeth whitening simply refers to a professional teeth whitening treatment where hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel is applied to your teeth and a whitening accelerator light is directed at the teeth to help achieve maximum whitening results in under an hour. Our Gold and Platinum Levels would be considered “laser” teeth whitening.

Our advanced laser teeth whitening procedures are safe and comfortable. They can safely bring your teeth up to 12 shades lighter in under an hour! You can be assured that a competent, licensed dental professional will administer your laser teeth whitening procedure.

You only require one visit, and the result of visibly lighter teeth can last anywhere from 6 to 24 months depending on diet, lifestyle, and oral hygiene.

While you are with us, our aim is to create a calm, relaxing environment. Simply sit back and enjoy the simple whitening procedure. You might want to bring your mp3 player and earbuds so you can listen to your favorite music while the teeth whitener works its magic. As soon as your treatment is complete, you're ready to flash that dazzling new smile.

We use special gels that are Made in the USA by Sapient Dental with natural, kosher, and vegan (or just “the finest quality”) ingredients. Our gels come with lot numbers and expiration dates. You will be AMAZED at the difference! Our service does not stop there as we will also provide you with full aftercare advice and information.

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