Charcoal Capsules For teeth Whitening

August 26, 2022 Activated Charcoal

If you haven't already spent a full 7 minutes of your life watching an oddly fascinating YouTube video of someone brushing their teeth with pitch-black paste, we'll fill you in. They're using activated charcoal (a reheated, oxidized version of the stuff you buy for summer cookouts) as a natural tooth whitener. The strangest part? It actually works. "I was super skeptical until I tried it—it's quite messy, but it does strip away stains and plaque to make your teeth appear whiter, " says Joseph Banker, DMD, a New Jersey-based cosmetic dentist.

Activated charcoal's natural adhesive qualities let it bind with surface-staining culprits like coffee, tea, wine, and plaque, and take them off your teeth for good when you spit it out, Banker says. However, its whitening power stops at stains—if your teeth are naturally darker or yellow, you'll need to buy a product with a bleaching agent like hydrogen peroxide or try an in-office treatment.

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