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March 10, 2017
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As a Church Road dentist we offer a number of restorative, preventative, and cosmetic dental treatments, the most popular of which is teeth whitening. Speedy, effective, convenient, and with a variety of flexible teeth whitening treatments available, there's something for everyone. Whether you need a quick session of laser teeth whitening carried out at our Church Road dental practice or whether you prefer to do it yourself with our take-home teeth whitening kits, we can help you achieve that brighter whiter smile fast. Here's a list of the teeth whitening options we offer.

Night Time Home Tray Whitening - Bronze Option

Night time home tray whitening comes in a handy kit form that patients can use in the comfort of their own home. Firstly custom trays are made from impressions taken of their teeth. This is done right here at our dentist in Cheadle Hulme. Next the kit is taken home where the custom-made trays are filled with a bleaching gel and placed on the teeth before going to bed. In the morning the trays are removed, the gel rinsed away, and the process is repeated again the next night. Every person's teeth whiten at a different rate so after 2-3 weeks we'll check to see how your teeth are progressing. The whole process should take 6-8 weeks, but will need ongoing top-ups depending upon the amount of darker beverages (coffee, tea, cola, red wine) you drink.

What to expect

You may feel slight tooth and gum sensitivity from wearing the trays. This is normal. You might also notice some white spots or the teeth will start to look chalky. Again this is all part of the process and the colouring will even out over time.

Zoom Power Laser Whitening - Silver Option

If you want a teeth whitening treatment that yields faster results then why not talk to our about Zoom Power Laser Whitening. This is a patented bleaching system that can lighten teeth by an average of 8 shades.

So how does it work?

During a 20 minute preparation period the gums and lips are covered leaving the teeth exposed. The Zoom whitening gel containing a mild form of hydrogen peroxide is then applied to the teeth. Once applied, heat is introduced in the form of a U-V lamp which helps the gel to penetrate into the surface of the teeth lifting any stains. The gel is normally applied and reapplied 3 or 4 times during a 1 hour session so that the dentist can monitor the colour changes closely. Once the results have been achieved then in just one dental visit the patient will leave with a whiter, brighter smile. In essence, Zoom Power Laser Whitening is a quick-fix teeth whitening treatment that can be achieved in as little as a lunch hour.

Zoom Power Laser Whitening With Take-Home Trays - Gold Option

Although Zoom Power Laser Whitening whitens teeth 8 shades lighter on average, teeth are porous by nature. Therefore if a patient wants to keep their smile looking whiter for longer then continual upkeep is required. For this reason our offers a continuation of the Zoom whitening service with the addition of custom-made take home trays. Similarly to the home tray whitening above, patients are advised to continue their whitening routine at home. By carrying out top-up whitening sessions as and when the need arises, patients ensure their teeth stay whiter for longer.

Enlighten Power Whitening – Platinum Option

The Enlighten Power Whitening system uses a combination of home whitening with an in-office follow-up to create a more permanent teeth whitening experience. This is our top of the range whitening system and the only system that can boast its guarantee of the lightest teeth whitening shade. The process involves wearing custom made trays filled with gel for 6-8 hours a day for approximately 2-3 weeks. This is followed up by a single hour long 'finishing' procedure in our dental practice. Here's how it works.

Visit 1 – Impressions of the teeth are taken and these impressions are sent back to a central laboratory where the customised bleaching trays are made. This takes around 2-3 weeks. During this time the patient will be given a special toothpaste to use. This not only helps to improve the whitening affect, but will also help to protect teeth from any sensitivity.

Visit 2 – On the next visit to our in Cheadle Hulme the patient will pick up the trays, together with the whitening gel, which will then need to be used every night for 2 weeks.

Visit 3 – For the final visit the dentist applies a stronger whitening gel to the custom-made trays in order to further enhance the teeth. The results are a guaranteed B1 shade and in some cases the treatment can whiten teeth by up to 16 shades. Not only this, the final chair-side treatment ensures an even and stable whitening affect that is longer lasting.

So how long does the process last?

For the first year to 18 months a patient shouldn't need any further treatment. After this time, and depending upon what they eat or drink, they may start to experience slight tooth discolouration. As a result a couple of home top-up sessions as and when necessary will help to keep teeth looking white.

If you love tea, coffee, or red wine but don't like what they can do to your teeth, or you have a special occasion looming and want to look your best, then we have a range of teeth whitening treatments to suit all budgets and requirements.

To find out more why not book a consultation with Shi Karim and the team at our Church Road dental practice. To make an appointment either visit our website at or contact us directly on 0161 486 0743

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