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June 17, 2014
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While proper dental health is clearly a top priority for many, aesthetics and having a visually appealing, and attractive simple hold near the same importance for some. Unfortunately, even for those who take immaculate care of not only their smile, but their gum health as well may still be lacking the results they desire. Most everyone can benefit from professional grade teeth whitening services, and they are available in various strengths and price ranges. Even within these solutions, there is the option to either bleach their teeth, or undergo professional whitening services. All in all, regardless of the choice made, most people can benefit from these types of service, both in the health of their teeth, as well as the overall appearance of the teeth.

For those seeking the whitest teeth possible, they should consider professional whitening services administered by a dentist. At $650 per visit, these services are the most costly, and arguably the most effective. Since the service is rendered by a doctor, a stronger hydrogen peroxide gel can be used compared to other treatments. Home kits using hydrogen peroxide can cost $100, using a weaker concentration of hydrogen peroxide. Some dentists believe these treatments are actually more effective, as they are more accessible, and with their lower price tag are more likely to be purchased on a regular basis. Finally, over the counter products can be purchased for as low as $20, however these solutions often do not cover all ones teeth, and instead only whitens the front few.

These types of services will improve your teeth to their best natural shade however some teeth are simply less white than others. Those looking to improve the shade of their teeth beyond what they were born with, bleaching is the next best solution. While this will not improve the health of your teeth, it will improve the whiteness significantly beyond its natural shades. All in all, not all people can have perfect, snow white teeth. Some people do not have the right genetics to facilitate this, however there is almost always improvement in tooth color for most people, and those interested in making their smile appear healthier should consult a dentist to do determine the best solution.

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