Laser whitening of Teeth

August 25, 2022
Bleaching of teeth laser



(Reg Price $600)
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Q: Is the LASER Whitening really FREE?
A: Yes! The LASER Teeth Whitening is FREE with your dental exam and cleaning, which is covered by your dental insurance. The standard price is $600 for the Teeth Whitening. But you will get it for FREE if you receive your dental exam and cleaning at our practice! There may be a small co-pay on the exam and cleaning, which depends on your insurance plan. But regardless, you will receive the Laser Teeth Whitening for FREE!

And the great part about this promotion is that if you like us and if you decide to stay with us (we are a full service dental practice) you will ALWAYS get the Laser Teeth Whitening for FREE, including FREE Touch-ups for LIFE!

PictureQ: How does the LASER Whitening work?
A: First, we apply a protective barrier around your gums and apply a whitening agent to your teeth. Then we place the laser light onto your teeth, and in as little as 30 minutes - your teeth will become an average of 8-12 shades whiter! But we have seen teeth get as white as 23 shades whiter!

Q: Why do I need an Exam & Cleaning?
A: Since we use a prescription strength teeth whitening, our dentists are required by law to examine your oral health beforehand. Moreover, we perform a cleaning before the teeth whitening so we whiten your teeth directly and not on top of any plaque or tartar. This allows us to reach optimal whitening results.

Q: What do you use for the LASER Whitening?
A: We use a prescription strength hydrogen peroxide based whitening agent manufactured by Venus White ®. The Venus White formula coupled with a laser light produces instant results that last for months. This treatment is only available through a prescription at a Dentist's office.

Q: Will it harm my teeth?

A: You may experience some sensitivity after the procedure but this is only temporary and not typical. There are no long term damaging affects from the whitening and we use every precaution necessary (gum barrier and glasses) to ensure your safety!

Q: What is included with the FREE LASER Whitening Promotion?

A: The FREE LASER Teeth Whitening Promotion includes:

  • In Office LASER Teeth Whitening using prescription strength whitening agent and laser light.
  • A Comprehensive Dental Exam using the latest Intra-Oral photography.
  • A thorough Dental Cleaning and Polishing using ultrasonic scalers.
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